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Twitter allegedly seeking to shut down USocial

Twitter allegedly seeking to shut down USocial

usocial-logoUSocial, the (arguably) controversial media agency which ran a follower-boosting campaign for Michael Jackson’s Twitter account and has previously been involved in a Digg dispute, claims that Twitter is trying to shut it down on the grounds of spamming.

This is something CEO Leon Hill says that the company has never done.

“The definition of spam is using electronic messaging to send unsolicited communication and as we don’t use Twitter for this, the claims are false,” he said.

His theory is that Twitter isn’t happy with the company’s services, because it artificially inflates accounts with paid-for followers.

“The people at Twitter who are sending these claims are just flailing around trying to look for any excuse they can, though it’s going to take much more than this if they want us to pack up shop,” Hill continued.

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