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Twitter finally ready to roll out pay-for business accounts

Twitter finally ready to roll out pay-for business accounts

It’s been a very long time coming, but Twitter could roll out a commercial service before the end of the year, according to founder Biz Stone.

Though precise details haven’t been announced yet, Stone’s interview with the BBC suggested that additional pay-for features could include advanced analytics and information about their accounts and who is visiting them.

There may also be the possibility of Twitter striking revenue deals with a number of media companies, claiming a “wonderful partnership” could be struck between the wider context and expertise that news outlets provide with the real-time, user-generated nature of Twitter updates.

Biz Stone was also critical of News Corporation’s plans to add a paywall to a large proportion of its online properties, suggesting that “they should be looking at this as an opportunity to try something radically different and find out a way to make a ton of money from being radically open rather than some money from being ridiculously closed.”

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