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Twitter #Music – What Is It?

Twitter #Music – What Is It?

Twitter Music

Twitter launched Twitter #Music about a fortnight ago, a new service and app to discover new artists and music through Twitter. The system uses a platform which was acquired last year by Twitter, oWeAreHunted, but has been refined and expanded through integration with Spotify and Rdio, two large music streaming services.

Currently, the system extracts songs from iTunes, Spotify, and Rdio, but other sources will be added in the future. By default, users can only listen to short snippet of songs – 30 seconds – directly from iTunes but for Rdio and Spotify, you will need to use your credentials to log in.  Based on the recent acquisition of “We Are Hunted” by  Twitter, the system will help us to discover new songs and artists based on custom criteria, including the artists followed by us or our followers.

twitter music

Users can also search using specific fields and listening to real-time view of their followers. Of course, the songs will be tweeted directly from the application. The service is currently new and is in its initial stages, hence some log ins do not work at this time. From the official profile of the staff, we read that #Music will change the way by which people search for music. In addition, it has been announced that there will be suggestions to the user depending on his/her musical tastes.

Four sections of the app and website that will be launched soon:

  • The most popular songs [Emerging]
  • Emerging songs [#NowPlaying]
  • Suggestions based on who you follow on Twitter [Popular]
  • What the people you follow on Twitter say they are listening to [Suggested]

Twitter Music

The challenge of the major Social networks begins! Google+ counts on Play music in many markets. Then the agreement with iTunes, Spotify,Rdio and Twitter was born – Twitter #Music, the new music streaming service made ​​by Twitter that will allow you to chirp to the sound of music!

Twitter and music ‘asssociate well together’. Did you know there is a micro-blogging platform study that indicates that many accounts with the most followers are those of the singers and that at least half of the users follow an artist?

The aim of the platform is to increase user engagement, encouraging them to be more active on the network, giving them additional means to express their interests. It’s also a move that can become a new source of revenue, especially advertising.

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Twitter #Music has not only been launched on the web at, but the app has also made its mark on the iTunes App Store. We wish we could ask to try Twitter #Music to have a handson perspective on this subject, but we cannot.  As of yet it hasn’t been made available in India and many other parts of the world, and it only works in some countries like Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and of course, the United States.  We hope to see something more and on all platforms in the near future.

But if you are eager enough to check out what it really offers, you could try using a U.S. or a U.K. proxy.

Summing up, so you reckon that Twitter # music is a necessary service? Or at least a service that will add to the micro-blogging platform’s user base?

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