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Vale MT Blacklist 2003-2005

Vale MT Blacklist 2003-2005

Yesterday saw the death of an old friend, Jay Allen’s MT Blacklist, and probably more relevant to many today (since many different tools use it), the master blacklist of sites being used in comment spam attacks, just a week short of its 2nd birthday.

Jay writes that he’s been forced to cease hosting and providing the blacklist to due automated scripts hitting his server so much that it was similar to a denial of service attack.

I’ve not used the service since I switched to WordPress, and even back then it wasn’t a perfect solution, but for a long time it was the best solution available, and it was the first of it kind. Indeed I even wrote at the time “Will Jay Allen be blogger of the year?” for the service, it was, in its time, that ground breaking and amazing.

So my thanks to Jay for all his work and his provision on this service over the past 2 years. I know others will agree when I say although we may not always have shown it, we are indeed greatful for your contribution to the greater good of the blogging community.

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