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Variety Doesn’t Want Your Links

Variety Doesn’t Want Your Links

Variety is a potentially great source of information for entertainment bloggers, especially if they cover less celebrities and more business so to speak. That is about to change however, because PaidContent have confirmed that the site will put most of its online content behind a paywall.

How do you link that? Or rather, why would you link that?

You wouldn’t, obviously, since most of your readers wouldn’t be able to read the actual content. Paywalls always clash with the rest of the web. When news outlets that might get links from outside sites put up paywalls, they are not only killing the possibility of free links, they are also effectively killing the search engine benefits of quality links from blogs. So while you might understand why a niche news outlet does this, it is definitely beyond me when it comes to wider types of content like what Variety offers.

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