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Vigilante killer blogged confession

Vigilante killer blogged confession

An Oregon self-styled vigilante killer blogged his confession on an AOL Journal blog prior to handing himself over to police.

Michael Mullen, 35, was charged Thursday in Whatcom County Superior Court with two counts of aggravated first-degree murder, according to Oregon Live.

Prosecutors said Mullen posed as an off-duty FBI agent when he arrived at the home of peodophiles using addresses he found online through the Whatcom County sex offender notification system and sat on their front lawn, drinking beer with them and discussing their criminal background prior to kiling them.

A week prior to handing himself over to police, Mullen took responsibility for the killings on his AOL Journal Blog. The post has since been deleted, but evidence of the post is still available at the Dark Side blog, with a screen shot from Technorati here.

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Mullen had also left his comments on another AOL Journal here, which at the time of writing was still on air.

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