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Voicethread introduces Group Audio Blogging to the Net

Voicethread introduces Group Audio Blogging to the Net, a website that captures the voices that surround shared media, is introducing Group Audio Blogging (GAB) to the Internet.

Voicethread is enabling users to create “voicebooks” much the same way a blogger would create a post or a page on a social networking site. While a blog is mostly written, a voicebook gives the distinct benefit of recorded group conversation. Here is a great example of a voicebook.

“We’ve taken the ‘instant’ out of Instant Messaging, and replaced it with the voices that surround evocative media,” said Steve Muth, Co-Founder of Voicethread. “Text is wonderful, but a human voice has an undeniable power.”

Here are other uses of a voicebook:

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• Students can record their friends’ voices in an audio yearbook
• MySpace users can enhance their profiles and use voicebooks to leave recorded messages for their friends
• Service men and women deployed abroad can read a bed-time story to their children

“Voicebooks transform any image into a discussion that can be shared not only over the Web, but over time. Like a Tivo for voice conversations, you can contribute whenever you want,” said Ben Papell, Co-Founder of “The conversations are more thoughtful, they can be saved forever, and they’re easily shared.”

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