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Wading Into The Darkside of the Blogosphere

Wading Into The Darkside of the Blogosphere

Of course, I’m referring to the PayPerPost and its breatheren Creamaid and ReviewME.

Well, it looks like one blogger has balled up to try them out to see exactly how one of’em work.

Dave Taylor does a nice write up on Creamaid and details how a post on McDonalds paid out (or lack thereof, sort of). He also comments a little bit on the necessity for disclosing (doesn’t really exist).

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So that’s my experience. Should you do it? Well, I don’t know that I would have written about McDonald’s without the desire to tap into this offer, but at least there was no requirement to write something positive and $10 is a fair payout compared to the $0.03/click sort of revenue stream most folk see from Google AdSense and the like.

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