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Walt Disney launches theme parks blog

Walt Disney launches theme parks blog

disney-parks-blog-logoAiming to provide an official, central repository for news and behind-the-scenes information about its theme parks, Disney yesterday announced the launch of its new blog.

Unsurprisingly, Disney is a hot topic online, attracting attention on a huge range of unofficial blogs, forums and other sites, and the company wants to advance its official voice and further protect its brand.

Positive noises came from Leanne Jakubowski, director of social media for Walt Disney World, who suggested that Disney wants to be an active participant in the conversations its fans are having online.

She said that the blog would focus on “fun stories that you won’t be able to find anywhere else”, including video and photos, which suggests that more difficult news may be skipped over. Time will tell, though, as Jakubowski said such events would be handled on a case-by-case basis.

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Editor of the unofficial Disney Blog, John Frost, said that he wasn’t worried about losing traffic, because “They’re going to have to give the official history. We can give the unofficial history.”


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