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Weblog Business Strategies Conference: They just don’t get it

Weblog Business Strategies Conference: They just don’t get it

Touted as the first Weblog Business conference, the Clickz Weblog Business Strategies Conference in Boston, USA, have discussed supposedly serious issues in regards to Blogging, such as “what should one write?” The Blog Herald says: they just don’t get it!

To quote from the Boston Herald on the conference:
there are a slew of questions to answer before integrating Weblogs into the corporate structure, including: Who in the company should write? How often? What should they say? How much of their personality/personal information should be interjected? What legal issues should you be aware of?
Well, hello? How about the truth?
Then there’s this quote:
“There’s lots of hype around (Weblogs) and that’s OK,” said Michael Gartenberg, a vice president at Jupiter Research “It means this technology is getting some attention.”
Another one that just doesn’t get it, does technology play an important role in blogs? Yes, but are blogs the technology? No.

The common theme of the conference is the technology and integration with business but totally ignores the core that has made blogging the hyped area they are so keen to discuss, and that is the contribution of the individual in free thought and ideas.

Blogging is successful due to its free form, the personalities expressed throughout the blogosphere and its diversity of thought and opinion.

Whilst there is a place for Business Blogs, they should not be seen merely as a marketing or exploitation tool alone, and those that take this path are likely to fail.

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Our recommendations to the conference for Business Blogs, tell us something we don’t know, make it interesting and be as truthful as possible.

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