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What are Microblogging Networks? 5 New Twitter Alternatives

What are Microblogging Networks? 5 New Twitter Alternatives

What are Microblogging Networks? 5 New Twitter Alternatives

Microblogging is precisely how it sounds: blogging on a smaller scale. That scale has the ability to slide given the audience and platform, but smaller nonetheless. With fewer words and a far less exhausting presentation than traditional blogs using a website domain, microblogging is a great stepping stone and a final destination for many bloggers. When you think of microblogging networks, Twitter comes to mind almost immediately. As a user, you have 280 characters to get your thoughts across, or you can create a thread and continue for as long as you need. For Twitter Blue subscribers, the limit is 4,000 characters.

Twitter is not the only platform used for microblogging. Below are 5 popular microblogging networks to consider for your own microblog.

1. LinkedIn – Microblogging Networks

LinkedIn has become the hub for business professionals as well as brands to expand their networks, gather new interests in their respective fields, recruit for different corporations, and so much more. Social media managers and marketers use LinkedIn as one of their primary points of attention, and it continues to grow every year as more and more professionals create profiles as the workforce welcomes a new generation.

2. Instagram

If you are someone who wants to start a blog but does not see yourself as someone who could write enough to fill up the blog itself, Instagram is a great place to start. You can start any type of blog on Instagram as you could with your own website domain through Wix or WordPress. Cooking, Traveling, Fashion Advice, Makeup Tips, and Gym Routines are just a few options for an Instagram microblog. Instagram gives its users a setting option to make their profile a “personal blog”, “digital creator”, “health/beauty”, and over 15 other options by switching to a free professional account.

3. Tumblr – Microblogging Networks

Tumblr has been around for quite a while but has recently come back as a platform people are using again as a blog extension and microblog. The application is a blog at its core but has the face of a social media network. Many businesses use Tumblr to reach a broader audience than just their Instagram and Twitter followers or LinkedIn connections. The layout of Tumblr feels very similar to that of Twitter but with a more cozy and simple twist. The biggest difference between the two is that most users on Tumblr are bloggers, while the vast majority of Twitter users have accounts that are just for fun.

4. Pinterest

Much like Instagram, Pinterest is more of a platform that focuses on photos. The difference is that there are typically small captions and links attached once you click on the post. Pinterest is known for being somewhat of a scrapbook, or mood board inspiration for its users to plan out weddings, explore fashion trends, makeup, skincare and hairstyles, and even recipes. The typical lifespan of a pin is a week compared to mere hours for tweets, status updates, and posts on other platforms.

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5. Facebook

Facebook has always been known for catching up with friends and staying connected in the lives of those both near and far. With Facebook continuing to update, there has been more room for microbloggers to live and thrive by way of a Facebook profile. While Instagram has the option to create a “blog” title for your profile, Facebook allows you to create an entire page for your blog. This page will let people follow along and like your page, which is similar to subscribing to a channel on YouTube. Once liked, the posts from the page begin to show up on the account’s timeline that liked the page.


Twitter is a great option to start a microblog, but there are several other great alternatives if you want to branch out from your comfort zone and a social media microblogging sensation across different platforms. No matter what microblogging network you start with, you are sure to be in good hands with these options to help grow your name and brand.

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