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What is the Survivalist Niche and Why Is It Becoming So Popular?

What is the Survivalist Niche and Why Is It Becoming So Popular?

The Survivalist niche, also known as the survival niche, is one of the most interesting topics on the internet. It is fresh, it is unique, and it is absolutely exciting. Many people refer to this category as tactical knowledge, outdoor skills, and more.

Why is it becoming so popular?

The hype for zombie apocalypse stories, end-of-the-world movies, pandemics, and the like are so high in recent years. Why are people so enticed by these stories? There are various reasons to explain this. However, one of the primary explanations is how much people are thrilled by the concept of survival. Every person may have thought of how to get through surviving extreme scenarios, especially since survival is such an ingrained instinct.

In some cases, planning ways to survive intense situations can be stress-relieving for some. It gives people a sense of control and power over a situation. It helps us think that we could handle the unexpected. 

How can I join this niche?

There are many different ways to start a survival niche website, but it is definitely no easy feat. The survivalist niche needs research, passion, and expertise. Why? It is always so difficult to write for a niche you know nothing about. No one can gain expertise without experience. Since the topic is so crucial (survival tips, emergency planning, first aid, etc), giving advise about the matter requires calculated and well thought-out decisions.

One of the most important things to do is to check if your truly have passion for the topic. There must be enough grind to maintain interest since it is such a broad spectrum of topics. Maybe, instead of just choosing a general approach to the niche, choosing a specific stream of topics can make research work easier for you. The next thing to do, of course, is to join in with other survival enthusiasts. It is always fun to join in discussions, excursions, conferences, meet-and-greets, and the like. It will be crucial for the research stage of your niche.

Remember, safety is the number one priority. If you think that joining in on adventures may be too dangerous for your taste, it is fine to look for other alternatives.

Types of Survivalist Genres

Tactical Gear

This genre discusses the tools needed for surviving. For instance, there are topics on hunting and fishing. There are also topics about guns, knives, and other tools. It could also provided tutorials on how to care for these tools and more.


Generally, this topic discusses the concept of preparation. What do people need in case of emergencies? This may include preparing emergency kits, preparing an evacuation plan, and more. How should people living in small spaces prepare for emergencies? What kinds of disasters should people be practically prepare for? What do parents need to do during an emergency when they are away at work? These topics are very general and can be beneficial for many, even ordinary people.

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Survivalist blogs does not just cover surviving calamities and disasters. Sometimes, it could involve simple self-defense tactics for non-disaster related emergencies. For instance, what to do if you feel threatened by a stranger, or which emergency numbers to call when needed. This topic could also provide references on self-defense lessons and trainings.

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The SHTF genre is almost a sub-genre of the more general ‘preparedness’ theme. Enthusiasts in this genre usually call themselves ‘preppers’. They are people who are proactive in planning for natural disasters and emergencies. The idea of the SHTF genre is that people should not just prepared for ‘bad’ but prepare for the worst. They take emergency preparation as if there will be a need chaos, that there is a need for long-term survival or that society will collapse.

The thing about this preparedness genre is that it can be taken to the extreme. Some enthusiasts take the time to prepare a stockpile of supplies (including but not limited to water and food). The preparedness genre may even include tutorials on how to build survival structures like underground shelters. The bottom line is, the idea is to be self-reliant.

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Should you join the survivalist niche?

If you feel like this is an interesting genre for you to blog about, of course! The survivalist niche is such an enjoyable genre to explore. There are so many different topics and avenues to take as a blogger. Reader interest is also always present and, somehow, non-enthusiasts find the niche exciting to read. If you are not quite sure about where and how to start, there are many tutorials and resources online that can help. In case you think that the survivalist niche is not for you, that’s okay. There are many tools and resources that could help you identify the niche that matches your interests.

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