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Who Would You Like to Meet at a Blog Conference?

Who Would You Like to Meet at a Blog Conference?

I’m going to be at Blog World Expo in Las Vegas on September 20-21, 2008, and so is David Peralty, who listed “Some People I Hope to Meet at Blog World Expo.”

The list of Exhibitors and Speakers at Blog World Expo this year is incredible. A veritable list of whose who.

His list of people he’d like to meet got me thinking about my list. And then I started thinking about all the conferences I attend and speak at every year and all the fantastic people I meet, some famous and some not, who change my life in those few minutes of meet and greet.

I love blog and web conferences. I learn so much. While many think that I am there to be the educator, I enjoy them because of the lessons I learn from fellow speakers, but most of all from fellow attendees. Those quickly caught moments in corridors, exhibition halls, at my book table, or even in the restroom. Those are where the real business of a conference really happens. Those quick moments of connections made that last long after the conference.

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Then my thinking expanded even further from those I’d like to meet at the upcoming Blog World Expo, WordCamp Portland, Oregon, on September 27, Hawaii Macintosh & Apple Users’ Society’s Mactoberfest October 18, and Podcamp and WordCamp Hawaii on Oct 24, and other events on my calendar. Who would I really like to shake hands with, hug, and talk to if I could meet anyone at these events.

Who would be on your list? Honestly. If registration were open to anyone, dead or alive, at these events, with blogging in mind, who would you really give anything to meet?

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