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Why Are People More Social On Fridays?

Why Are People More Social On Fridays?

A recent 14-day study by BuddyMedia on 200 of its clients’ Facebook pages found engagement was 18% higher on Thursdays and Fridays. Reinforcing the notion that Fridays contain more social interactions is Twitter Chief Revenue Officer Adam Bain’s speech at the Ad Age Digital conference revealing users interact with Tweets more on Friday.

The theory behind more social interactions happening later in the week is the quantity of content being published that day. It’s thought that posts, videos and other media is more sparse on Friday than the rest of the work week but not as low as the weekend. However, there isn’t a clear shift of content creators and socialites moving their activity to Thursday and Friday. Many brands and business still need more research done on social trends throughout the week and may opt to rely on data they’ve compiled about their demographic.

If anything, the notion has been people tend to interact with content before work, during lunch and after work but the increase in social interactivity on Friday makes sense. People tend to shift from work mode to fun mode and are looking to fill their weekends with events, activities or catch up with information they didn’t have a chance to look at during a stressful work week.

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However, business looking to engage other businesses through social channels may luck out on Friday. At the end of a work week, employees and bosses are looking to shed their job for a few days off. Events, gathering, press releases will be pushed back to Monday when the entire office checks back in to work.

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