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Why you should vote for The Blog Herald in the Australian Blogging Awards

Why you should vote for The Blog Herald in the Australian Blogging Awards

1. Because the American’s are about to take it over.
It’s only going to be Australian for a couple of more weeks at most, and then I’ll probably still be here for a couple of more months, this is the absolutely last chance I’ve got to win an Australian blogging award, because I don’t think Britney Groupie will qualify next year :-)
2. Because you should put Bunbury on the map!
They say New York is a town that never sleeps, and Bunbury is a city that always sleeps and only occasionally wakes up. Bunbury needs to be more famous than being the home town of the newsreader from Sunrise, Aristos the Chef and that woman a few years back that had rabbits ears on Australian Big Brother (Sarah-Maree?). Bunbury can be made famous as having the winner of the best Western Australian blog AND the best mainstream media blog in Australia!…ignoring the fact of course I live in Australind which is actually 15 kms North of Bunbury and in the Shire of Harvey (which is famous for Dairy Cows and Oranges) and is infamous for being one of the only parts of Australia discovered by the French…Australind is in the Bunbury Statistical Region according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (don’t ask me how I know this, I just do..:-) ) and that’s what should count :-)

3. Do it for the farmers
Farmers need blogs, like they need internet access from Telstra as well. There are lots of farmers near why I live because I live in “the country”, and I ever know a few. Farmers need a break, drought, floods, all that stuff, so do it for the farmers.
4. Do it for my car
Have I ever mentioned here that I drive a 3 door 5 speed manual 2003 Toyota Echo? People laugh at my car and tell me I drive a girls car, so my car needs so love :-)
5. Do it for the hats
One of my mates gave me a set of “The Blog Herald” hats for Christmas, I’m hoping to add to the hat with the words “I better than you….ha, ha, ha” on it :-)
6. Because I spent 6 hours this morning blogging the Golden Globes
It’s enough to send anyone mad, but the b5media bloggers got some great shots from yours truly, its also the reason I haven’t posted much today because I’m now certifiable, so do it out of sympathy :-)

Vote here, vote often

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