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Why you shouldn’t drink and blog

Why you shouldn’t drink and blog

dave hits the piss
Sadly a tale of woe in the new year from Blogging-god Dave Winer with a post that says “I’ve hit the turps” written all over it. Remember: Don’t drink and blog

Dave Winer, Scripting News: “Before the year is over, a hearty F*ck You to all reporters who recited the list of top podcasters and left out my own humble pioneering podcast. I was podcasting before any of those losers, you loser. Who the f*ck do you think taught them 1. How to do it and 2. (more important) That they could do it. You reporters are schmucks. I figure since you never write about me, I could go ahead and piss you off, who cares what you think since you obviously don’t care what I think. F*ck you. No smiley.”

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