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Winer v. Cadenhead ends in Tie

Winer v. Cadenhead ends in Tie

The pissing match between Bastard of the Blogs Dave Winer and former-winer-programmer Rogers Cadenhead has ended in an out of court settlement:

I’ve reached an agreement with Dave Winer regarding the Share Your OPML web application. I destroyed his original code and user data along with everything that was built from it and gave up my claim to a one-third stake in He gave up the claim that he’s owed $5,000.

I originally hoped one of us would buy the other out and launch the application, but we found a much stronger basis for agreement in a mutual desire to stop working together as quickly as possible.

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The situation reminds me of a post I wrote earlier this year about why one needs a lawyer, or corporate counsel in that post, for handling certain aspects of one’s business. Yes, it’s a serious pain in the arse – and it’s not cheap. But it can save you from situations such as Rogers found himself in earlier year.

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