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Witty headlines on Blogging

Witty headlines on Blogging

After trying our best at wit yesterday with the “Blogfather bitch slapped by BzzAgents Blog Spam” headline, a few other headlines on note have appeared on the web in the last 24 hours:
Blearily, we blog along” from EDN on its new blog which includes the line “Web logs are really just home pages. The fact they got so easy to do changed their nature. There’s really no technology in these things”
Blog Updates Ma, Pa and the Corporate Clueless on Security Awareness” in a press release from the Security Awareness Company. Always good to insult your readers when promoting your blog
Teens Evil Blog” shows that blogging is now fair game in the tabloid press, with the NY Post writing about the Live Journal murderer.
and last but not least
Flog on a blog: The next ad frontier” from the Globe and Mail covering the Marqui cash for comment program.

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