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WordCamp Dallas 2008: Celebrating WordPress

WordCamp Dallas 2008: Celebrating WordPress

in Frisco, Texas, rocked the house – or should I say City Hall? Organizers Charles Stricklin and John Pozadzides worked with the city of Frisco so WordCamp could be held in the brand new, state-of-the-art chambers, a beautiful and acoustically fabulous hall.

Videos are now out and include:

Much thanks goes to the Frisco City Hall facility staff and John Pozadzides for the fantastic videos of the presentations.

To track WordCamp Dallas 2008 blog coverage, see the Technorati tags for WordCampDallas2008, WordCampDallas, and WordCamp tags.

To track photographs from WordCamp Dallas, see the Flickr tag for wordcampdallas2008 or search for more WordCamp Dallas images on Flickr.

I’m working on publishing my own set of pictures on , but like many, I, too, am having a difficult time getting the new Media Library in WordPress 2.5 to work. Stay tuned for that news.

Can’t Stop Talking About WordCamp Dallas 2008

The following are a few of the discussions, live blogging, and posts about WordCamp Dallas:

had a representative there who LiveStreamed most of the programs and published them:

Some others videoed various aspects of WordCamp Dallas:

Everyone there was seriously impressed with the short demo John Pozadzides gave on his new product, , a live statistics analysis program still in beta testing. There is a video of the demonstration of Woopra, and the “video heard round the world” interview of John and Cali of discussing and demonstrating Woopra, which was picked up by Techcrunch and Mashable.

Kudos to All

Much thanks and appreciation goes to Charles and John for an amazingly successful WordCamp. I know a lot of problems happen behind the scenes that the audience never sees, and there was almost no trauma or drama behind those scenes. It was well structured, well organized, and people hung in on both days to the bitter, but well earned, end.

Thanks also goes to all of the sponsors which included Automattic, b5media,, It’s a Grind Coffee House, and Layered Technologies, among others. Layered Technologies had some of their staff giving up their weekend to volunteer to help run things behind those famous scenes, including coordinating the meals, snacks, and drinks.

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Traffic Bug Fix

Everyone pitched in who saw a need, which is the best thing about WordPress and blogging folks.

Hugs and thanks also go to the speakers who traveled and lodged on their own dime or through sponsorship. Much thanks to those sponsors, but great cheers for the speakers who gave their all, no matter their state of health at the moment, and gave WordPress fans exactly what they wanted. This was one of the best combinations of speakers I’ve seen in a very long time. Well done all.

I’d like to personally thank the City of Frisco, the Mayor, and everyone who helped Charles and John put on this incredibly successful event and giving us permission to use your beautiful facility. It was an intimate environment, with double slide projector screens behind the podium, and a phenomenal state-of-the art recording studio which helped create the best videos I’ve seen in a long time from a conference facility. The sounds was amazing, built so even the spoken word carried easily. I helped run the microphone to the participants during Q&A time, and it was easy to move around and spot the people with just one or two of us covering the entire hall. No one missed a minute of the presentations in this great hall.

While the hall works for a couple hundred people, if WordCamp Dallas is even more popular next year, it could grow out of this facility, but everyone in attendance loved it and want to see it in the same place next year. Thanks, Frisco, for such a beautiful facility and I do hope you will open it so others can enjoy it, too.

Want More WordPress in Dallas?

Didn’t get enough WordPress at WordCamp Dallas? WILLIAMEDIA wants to start a WordPress Meetup in the Dallas area, so if you are interested in keeping WordPress alive through the year, get involved.

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