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WordPress: Certification in 4 Steps 

WordPress: Certification in 4 Steps 

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With so much of the internet running off of WordPress sites, knowing how to develop them can be quite beneficial. In short, there is no official WordPress certification, but there are ways to become more proficient in the platform. Several third-party sites will offer a certification in WordPress software that will help you achieve your goals in the design and development of your site or future sites. This way, you can become an expert in WordPress. While it’s not mandatory to have a WordPress “certification” to have a WordPress site, many people find that it helps with the learning curve and their credibility to readers and for potential jobs. 

How does WordPress certification benefit me? 

Having a certification from a third-party source does not have as much credibility as coming directly from WordPress, but in this case, being that there is no direct certification course, it can still be very beneficial to you. Many web developers will take one or more of these certification courses to show they are fully versed in all things WordPress. 

  • Choose your course

With WordPress not having its own course, you will have several highly rated courses to choose from to decide between, or you can take multiple. No matter where you are in your WordPress journey, you will be able to find an easy-to-understand course. Each course takes you close to an expert level in just a few classes. Classes will range in price. Plus, there are even some free options if you aren’t sure you want to spend the money. Or if you are worried about the financial stress of a new course. 

  • Community

After choosing a course, or a few of them, you will be able to be welcomed into a community of other WordPress developers. This will be a great networking tool. So, whether you feel you need to become more versed in WordPress or not, you can use it as a way to meet others in the same situation. You will not only be able to learn from the experts who created the course but professionals around you who are taking it as well. You will also have immediate support with any issues you may have with your site, or personally, from people who have been in the same situation and are typically more than happy to help. Not to mention the actual course developers who you will have immediate access to, with any help you may need for your WordPress site. 

  • Access

Not only will you gain access to a new network of professionals. You will also have access to the best and newest that WordPress has to offer through the developers of the certification. The highest-rated professionals are the ones who create these courses. So you know that you are in good hands in continuing your WordPress development journey. Your course materials will stay relevant for years after taking the test. This way you can go back and reference them at any time. 

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  • Continuing Education

No matter what you are doing for work, it is always a good idea to continue your education. This can come from doing a different course every few years. Or by keeping up with the network of professionals you now have access to by taking the initial course. By continuing your education, you will be able to constantly add to your network. This will not only be beneficial for you because you are learning more to become an expert in your craft. But, you are growing your followers and network through organic connections that you know will be fruitful. 

Completing a certification course in anything that you are pursuing will always be beneficial for you. You not only will gain the knowledge of professionals around you. But, you’ll go into your new career, or hobby, with a higher level of confidence.

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