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WordPress Theme Seller, Templatic, Warns Users Of Hacking

WordPress Theme Seller, Templatic, Warns Users Of Hacking


A popular WordPress theme company is warning customers after several of their files and databases were compromised by a recent hacking. Templatic wrote to customers yesterday that their website was the target of a hacking attack. It appears that whoever is responsible for the hacking is now demanding a ransom from the company’s owner.

“The hacker is now threatening us via email and demanding ransom money be paid. This hacker is also threatening to misuse the data they’ve illegally gained access to and email our data to customers,” founder R. Bhavesh said in an email to customers.

Bhavesh says the company understands the severity of the situation, but refuses to cooperate with the hacker’s demands.

“While this is a very serious and dangerous threat, we are not going to give in to threats and we will not be negotiating with any hacker and that’s no matter how much they try. A security expert has been assigned to this case and investigations are now being conducted. We are also taking legal action against all the illegal activities the hacker has been involved in.”

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Fortunately, Templatic says they do not store credit card information of their customers. However, passwords were still compromised. The company recommended that users update their plugins, change all passwords and check the security of their sites.


In an email sent to users, Templatic  gave their customers specific instructions to verify that their information and site is safe.

  • If you ever shared your site login information with us such as for your cPanel, FTP or wp-admin, you should immediately change the logins.
  • If you are using any of our products that use the “Tevolution” plugin and you haven’t yet updated the plugin, please follow the instructions in this post ( and update the plugin immediately.
  • Make sure no unknown files are present on your site. We strongly advise you to scan your site now by using security sites such as
  • In case you are using the same email ID and password for your email account and your account at templatic, you must also change the logins for your email immediately.
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