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Writer’s Block? Get Creative With These AI Story Generators

Writer’s Block? Get Creative With These AI Story Generators

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Writer’s block is the nightmare of writers around the world between all disciplines. From students writing term papers to prize-winning novelists, writer’s block is real. There are now story generators that use AI to get your creative juices flowing.

Many story generators using AI have free plans to get you started, but also range in prices with their more premium plans. There is an artificial intelligence story plan for everyone, especially those battling writer’s block.

Here Are 5 Great Ones:

1. Rytr

Perfect for short-form content, Rytr is a service that prides itself on producing original content ideas for a wide array of areas of expertise. They have a free version that comes with the basics, like such and such, as well as a mid-tier and high-tier version as well. The mid-level is $9 per month, while the high-tier is $29 per month.

virtual assistant (or PA), social media manager, e-commerce business owner, or social media influencer.

2. NovelAI

Novel AI has multiple tiers for its payment plans starting with a basic free trial plan like many other story generators. Once you decide how advanced you want your profile to be, you can choose between the Tablet Tier at $10 per month, Scroll Tier at $15 per month, or Opus Tier at $25 per month, respectively. The differences between the tiers are based on the amount of memory and additional storytelling services. The Tablet Tier has the least amount of memory at 1024, and they all increase from there.

3. Sassbook AI

The free plan for Sassbook AI has the basics needed to support many different genres. It also has a Standard plan for $39 per month and a Premium plan for $59 per month. Obviously, the pricing for those two higher-tier plans is a big change from the free plan. The standard plan gives you full control as a writer while taking your ideas to the next level using medium-sized content processing which is great for both individuals and smaller businesses. The Premium plan takes the standard and essentially doubles it. The writer would still have full control but with a large content processing load in place to be well suited for both individuals and businesses of different sizes that are searching for more power and efficiency. The goal is to not only generate ideas but to automate as much workflow as possible.

4. Jasper

Originally called Jarvis AI, Jasper is perfect for long-form content writers such as bloggers and website owners. Its pricing is the steepest of any on this list, but the benefits overwhelm any negatives that come from the price because of everything that is given for the price.

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There is a free trial that introduces you to the Starter Plan to make sure you are happy before committing to $24 per month. The higher tiers as Jasper are Boss Mode which starts at $49 per month and a Business plan as well that features custom pricing for the generation and workflow needed for each business. Though it still requires a human editor, Jasper offers quality output, ease of use, and the option to generate AI images as well for an extra $20. There is also an integration system in place for Jasper to pair well with Surfer SEO and Grammarly because of its Google Docs function.

5. Copy AI

Copy AI is the complete opposite of Jasper in terms of what it supports. This is perfect for short-form content. It has a built-in editor and is extremely user-friendly. Its plans are focused on how many words are needed since the main form of content generation is short-form. This includes social media posts, emails, and the like. The Free Plan supports up to 2,000 words per month. The Pro Plan supports up to 40,000 words per month at $49 per month. If a customer is looking to generate more than 40,000 words, there is a custom pricing system in place.


No matter which AI story generator is best for your writing style and content production rates, you are sure to find a great fit from this list to get started with putting your ideas to life while combating writer’s block.

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