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Yahoo! buys, McDonalds rumored to be next target

Yahoo! buys, McDonalds rumored to be next target

OK, everyone already knows about Yahoo! buying which was announced during my weekend off, so rather that say anything about the matter I thought I’d make a bad joke in the headline and point to some of the other excellent commentary I’ve read this morning:

ArsTechnica: “The purchase makes sense. In March of this year Yahoo purchased Flickr, and coupled together, Flickr and are quite complimentary services. The idea behind both sites is relatively simple: allow users to share data (pictures in the case of Flickr, bookmarks in the case of, allow them to mark that data up with metadata, and make it all easily searchable”

NY Times: “ is a nine-month old company that provides software for bloggers, the writers of online diaries that have proliferated on the Web. Specifically, the company stores links to Web sites or bookmarks so the readers of blogs, as well as other Web sites, can use them and share them”

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