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Yahoo Publisher Network Launches a Blog

Yahoo Publisher Network Launches a Blog

The Yahoo Publisher Network has launched their blog:

We know that for the Yahoo! Publisher Network to be successful, publishers need to be successful, too. So we started the Yahoo! Publisher Network blog to:

  • Give publishers ‘€“ you folks ‘€“ a voice in the evolution of the Yahoo! Publisher Network and its products.
  • Build a place where you can come and learn about the latest updates and enhancements to the Network
  • Showcase your work and your contributions to making Yahoo! Publisher Network what is today ‘€“ and to what it will become tomorrow
  • Provide a community space where you can learn from other publishers how to be a better one yourself

Obviously patterned after the Google Adsense Blog, the new Yahoo Publisher Network Blog appears to generally cover the same sort of content – how to best optimize one’s blog for Yahoo’s Publisher Network as well as news and information about the program. Case studies are promised as well, which should be beneficial for publishers. Time will tell how popular the Yahoo blog will be – but if it’s anything like Google’s Adsense Blog, it should be a hit.

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