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2017 Most Unique and Friendliest CMS for Small Businesses

2017 Most Unique and Friendliest CMS for Small Businesses

Content Management Systems (CMS) are very critical to the management of contents on small business websites. The friendliest CMS for small businesses are not just designed to upload and manage contents, they are more flexible and offer much better customized support for business owners. The best small business friendly CMS brands online today include the following;

#1: Opencart

Beginners will definitely enjoy this open source CMS because of its incredible simplicity. You don’t have to be a technology guru in order to start using this open source CMS, there are lots of plugins that has been designed to handle all complex procedures and you can start operating your store without the knowledge of coding. The simplicity of this CMS makes it one of the best for newbie online store operators. You may want to click on, to learn more about this open source.

#2: PrestaShop

PrestaShop is definitely one of the top 5 open source CMS because it provides an easy solution for online shopping. More than 240,000 small businesses are currently using PrestaShop to operate their small businesses. It is known for its incredible simplicity, and it is a CMS platform that can be easily installed and operate by the user. Some of the in-built features on this CMS can help you manage business procedures such as; shipping, payment, product listings and suppliers management.

#3: Joomla

If you want to create a positive and lasting impression in the minds of potential customers, you will need Joomla, regardless of the business you are operating. This is another flexible open source CMS that is flexible enough for easy handling. Researches have shown that small business owners prefer Joomla to many other open source CMS, for a number of reasons, and some of those include the availability of countless extensions and plugins. Some of the popular brands that rely on Joomla are; Harvard University, and Holiday Inn.

#4: Drupal

When it comes to the optimization of your business website for search engines, Drupal is definitely one of the best choices. This open source CMS comes with numerous modules and tools that ensure that the most relevant contents are created for your targeted followers, and audiences. Pfizer and General Electric are two of the largest brands that rely on Drupal for their business content management.

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Google search

Drupal will ensure that your contents are optimized for search engines, because it believes that a poor site ranking can badly affect your business. As good as it may sounds, it should be noted that Drupal may be one of the most complex open source CMS around today.

#5: WordPress

Perhaps, WordPress is the most popular open source CMS for small businesses. Researches have shown that more than 60% of open source CMS users still rely on WordPress for their content management. Top brands that make use of this CMS include; MTV news, and BBC America. You don’t need a license to use this CMS, and you will get access to hundreds of cool new plugins and themes on regular basis.

#6: Magento

If you need some special plugins for your online business, then you may consider Magento because it is specifically designed for ecommerce websites. Some of the known brands that rely on Magento CMS include; Cisco systems, and Nike Sports. Magento is suitable for both small and large business owners because it can help you build your webstore from the scratch. With lots of ready-made themes and plugins that provide lots of customizable capabilities, Magento is definitely one of the best rated CMS you can choose from. Magento supports payments in diverse currencies, and it comes in different languages, hence it is convenient for international users.

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