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Why You Should Start a Dating Advice Blog and 5 Great Examples

Why You Should Start a Dating Advice Blog and 5 Great Examples

Reading a dating advice blog may sound cheesy, but it is something that the younger generation never knew they needed. Think of it as asking a wiser, older person for advice for a love dilemma you are too afraid to ask a friend. Dating is not what it was decades ago. The younger generation has taken a more casual approach to dating. For many people, in this day and age, dating has become an absolute chore. In fact, dating has become more problematic in recent years than in the past. This is why writing a dating advice blog is one of the most interesting ventures a blogger can try in their careers.

Why Start a Dating Advice Blog?

For readers, anonymity is such a key element in reading dating advice blogs. Some people are open to talking about their relationships and intimacies, others are not. Some people are still in that grey area where they are unsure of what they are feeling about some things and want to read up on other people’s experiences first before sharing them with their friends and loved ones. There are certain topics (and curiosities) that some people are not confident enough to bring to light IRL. THIS should be your inspiration for writing a dating advice blog. Be that person that could help a stranger out. Let them ask anonymously, and answer them (either in private or as a post in your blog).

The Cons of Writing for a Dating Advice Blog

The emotional investment in writing for a dating advice blog can be a bit heavy. It is difficult to write sound advice for things you have never experienced before.  Remember, some people are vulnerable to certain heavy emotions. Heavy emotions can be reflected by content. It is also important to remind the readers that THERE IS NO FORMULA TO DATING. Sometimes the advice works, a lot of times it won’t. So, it is important to still treat writing for an advice blog as professional as possible. Research is a must.

Great Dating Advice Blogs to be inspired by

The Urban Dater

Offers great advice for both men and women – a bit limited on the spectrum if you ask me. The great thing is there is still some content, albeit limited, for readers from the LGBT community. However, this is a great blog to be inspired by as it gives tips on so many dating-related topics. The blog’s content includes gift ideas, dating apps, dating tips, marriage topics, and more. In fact, there is content even for fashion and relationships. There is also a section where readers can “Ask The Urban Dater” any relationship and dating-related inquiries that they have. The blog also allows guest posting, which is a good way to spice up variety in content and writing styles.

Soon 2 be Cat Lady

Although it is an ‘old-school’ take on blogging, this blog takes dating advice blogs on a personal level. Writing content in the first person is not so common nowadays on blogs, but it makes the content more relatable and believable. Some advice blogs write content so expert-sounding that the advice feels more like it came from a therapist rather than a friend – a bit unrealistic and too scientific. The blogger writes based on her own experiences or from the experiences of others she has observed. Then, she would be giving her thoughts and advice about it. Also, the blogger’s podcast and Twitter page make them a “real” and relatable person.

Sydney Gay Counselling

It is not actually an advice blog, but a counseling service website. Although honestly, it is as good as it gets. There are very limited blogs on the internet that focuses on LGBTQ dating advice (on all spectrum).  Maybe that is a good niche to try. We must understand, there are intricacies to LGBTQ dating that heterosexual dating does not have. There are also social biases that affect their relationships, at all levels – marriage, adoption, child-raising, and more.

Loving from a distance

What if you meet someone on a dating app and you are thousands of miles away from each other? This is another relationship-specific niche in the dating blog industry. There are not many advice blogs on this matter despite having high statistics of long-distance relationships. Not only should people in this kind of relationship need to hear advice on how to make it work, but they should also hear stories that IT DOES WORK. This is an interesting niche to write for, but equally inspiring as well. Although it sounds cheesy, the content is mostly an exchange between a reader and the blogger which is an interesting and unique writing format.

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Divorced Girl Smiling

Dating is not just for the young. In the relationship dynamic that exists in today’s society, a small chunk of the statistics is taken up by people in their 40s and 50s. How do you date after a divorce? Can you still find someone after your husband or wife passes away? How can you break it to the children? These are valid questions asked by real people. There is a good market to create dating advice blogs for people in this age group.

There are so many avenues in writing a good dating advice blog. The topics are so varied. There is also variety in the age group of readers. Why not start a dating advice blog?

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