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Why conducting a website audit is important

Why conducting a website audit is important

‘They said content is the king and we could not agree more’

But creating high-quality content isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. As a business, you need to be able to create content that your target audiences love reading. No matter how well-researched your blogpost is, if you haven’t written it in accordance with the tastes and preferences of your audience, then it’s redundant.

In most cases, the website happens to be the first point of contact between the consumer and the company. In order to ensure that the website is being updated regularly and that the content being posted is fresh and unique. No matter how well-planned your B2B Content Marketing Strategy is, if the content posted isn’t fresh and attractive, you won’t be able to stoke the flames of desire in the minds of your target audience.

Optimizing the content pieces published on your website just isn’t enough to gain traction. Your blog and website are likely to contain a few static pages. No matter how actively you update your website, static pages are just bound to be there. Such pages can end up creating a spoilsport because the content on these pages isn’t updated regularly. Static pages are bland and make user engagement difficult.

A potential client won’t read a single piece of content over and over again. You need to update the pages frequently if you want to sound relevant.

Here are a few options that will help you make the audit process  faster and convenient.

Mobile optimization can help

It goes pretty much without saying that if a website isn’t optimized for mobile, then it will find it extremely hard to make its presence felt. User experience and User Interface two major aspects of mobile optimization.

If a user opens your website on his mobile device and does not find the interface user-friendly, then he is likely to switch over to other similar websites. It is as simple as that.

Also, it certainly will be no hyperbole to state that your consumer wants everything in the blink of an eye. Nobody wants to wait. Waiting for a website to load is considered ‘a curse.’ Reports claim that more than 50% of the users accessing websites on their mobile devices expect the website to load in as few as a couple of seconds.

Adding the relevant CTAs

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This one’s obvious. CTA happens to be the lifeline of any given B2B lead-generation campaign.

It certainly won’t be wrong to compare it to parenting. If you want your nasty little child to clean up his room before going outdoors, then you’ll have to ‘instruct’ them to do so. Similarly, you need to ‘instruct’ the user to download your ebook by signing in using his/her email address.

An ideal CTA provides

  • Adequate visibility: A user-friendly UI and a visually-appealing look and feel combine together to make the ideal CTA. Use a combination of colours to make it look appealing. Also, keep the buttons bigger than the font.  
  • Takes care of the specifics: A simple ‘click here’ button doesn’t catch the user’s attention anymore. Try writing something interesting. Something that ends up catching the viewer’s attention.
  • Builds an imagery: Lead the user to the CTA. You can add a few arrows that lead the user to the download button.

Well, you cannot have all of these features on a webpage or a social media handle, but while designing your website, you get adequate creative freedom.


Developing efficient B2B lead-generation strategies isn’t all that difficult. All you need is a set of easy-to-use online resources at your disposal. The best B2B lead generation tactics are those which end up ‘pulling’ the users. These strategies don’t just provide you with leads but quality leads.

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