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17 Political WordPress Themes to Use in 2021

17 Political WordPress Themes to Use in 2021

Political WordPress themes are available in a wide variety on the internet. If this is the kind of niche you want to write for, there are multiple resources available for website building on the internet. Choosing WordPress to launch a political website is a good choice because of the sheer number of resources available for the CMS platform. There are templates for banners, landing pages, and ads.  Themes of almost any topic or niche are also available in a wide variety. There are also multiple good reviews on tools and plug-ins for website security in WordPress.

Such a decision of sticking with WordPress is even supported by the new administration. The White House has decided to stick with its original WordPress-powered website. If you are considering this niche, here are some Political WordPress themes available online:

WordPress Template featuring a candidate

For 2021, there will still be elections in the US. There will be gubernatorial elections for New Jersey and Virginia. As a result of death and vacancies, there are also a couple of special elections for the House of Representatives this year. Mayoral and Municipal elections will also be held in multiple states and districts this year. This means that there will be quite a demand for Political WordPress themes featuring candidates. These kinds of themes can also be used for student body elections, and more.

Here are a few good examples of political WordPress themes featuring candidates:


Mike Wood Theme

Sam Broke Theme

Andrew Harris Theme

The Ballot Theme

Politics by WordPress


Website Theme featuring elections

Other than websites for candidates, a good website to start will be election-themed content. These kinds of websites inform citizens of their rights to vote and other equally important information. It may be about registrations, polling stations, FAQs, and the like.

Here are a few good templates for websites featuring elections:


WordPress Theme featuring political news

News about politics, governance, diplomacy is everywhere. Every day we face breaking news of activities done by the government domestically and internationally. There is always new content to write about. However, there is also multiple competition for this kind of content as well.

Here are a few examples of WordPress themes for political news:



Website Template featuring a city

You want to create a website representing a city? This is a nice and easy template to work with. Different kinds of information can be presented here. It may include history, the political stance of the city, important government hubs within a city, and more.


Campaign Website Themes


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Political WordPress Themes for Lawyers, Court, and Other Law-related content

Other than government offices, other law-related contents are also quite popular. The website could act like a little resource of the law for people with very minimal knowledge of it. It could be a website for lawyers. Or, it could also be a website for law advice.


Responsive Theme for Political parties and organizations

Other than candidates, citizens should also have knowledge about different political organizations, and parties. Besides, citizens are voting for platforms, not just people. It is always important to learn about organizations representing political candidates. Here are some good examples of themes for political parties and organizations:


United League



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