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6 WordPress Plugins To Organize Your Work From Home Routine

6 WordPress Plugins To Organize Your Work From Home Routine

Whether you’re used to working from home with WordPress or are just getting started involuntarily due to a quarantine, it can get rather chaotic. For those who aren’t used to it, the multitude of tasks and online interface or a simple change of work environment can be disruptive to productivity. Thankfully, help can come in the form of plugins to help you organize your work from home routine.

After all, routine gives security and adds a sense of structure, something sorely needed during these troubling times with a global pandemic causing discord everywhere. These plugins are designed to help you managed your projects better or help you tabulate data so that you can quickly adjust to the work environment.

Even if you’re already used to such an environment, we still believe that these plugins can help to organize your work from home routine. Because when all has been said and done, no one is exempt from lockdowns and cabin fevers– not even seasoned stay-at-home bloggers. Any help is welcome, so make sure to take a look at these.

WP Project Manager

If you’ve searched for project manager plugins before, then you’re probably used to seeing this one at the top of the list. That’s because it’s quite possibly the best or most recommended option out there. WP Project Manager is an industry-standard for keeping track of everything going on that’s content-related on your website.

Organize Your Work From Home

You can use it alone if you’re a solo blogger or share it with your team so you can collaborate easier and assign projects with better clarity. All projects are displayed on one page and it also allows you to easily see your projects’ progress. You could even celebrate milestones within the plugin in order to boost morale or productivity. The best part? It has a free option and a premium one for your varying needs.

League Table

Up next, we have a tabulation plugin that lets you keep an organized view of all your data. It’s not exactly a necessary plugin for some blogs, but those that run businesses or keep track of their SEO vigilantly can benefit a lot from this. League Table, is (as you might have guessed) a plugin made to make making tables easier.

Organize Your Work From Home

It has 105 different settings for each table and can be a replacement for headache-inducing excel sheets. Speaking of excel, this plugin also has a built-in spreadsheet editor which allows you to effortlessly copy data from your excel files. This makes it easy to transfer tables from your work to WordPress. It can be a sanity-saver for some of us.

Kanban for WordPress

Are you a big fan of how the Japanese always keep things tidy and organized? Then you might want to try out Kanban, regardless. It takes after Taiichi Ohno’s Toyota manufacturing process improvement program (Kanban) and incorporates it in WordPress. Same philosophy, basically. This very well means you can improve your content output with this plugin.

Organize Your Work From Home

Kanban for WordPress, for all intents and purposes, is still a project management system. However, you might find that its methods and interface might be preferable to others. As expected, this project management plugin uses digital Kanban boards for your tasks. You can also use them for other aspects of management from finances or sales or even hiring. It’s that flexible and also has a free version.

BuddyPress GTM System

Want a plugin that seamlessly connects with your WordPress dashboard and modifies it for a natural project manager? Then downloading BuddyPress shouldn’t hurt. BuddyPress is a collection of plugins for WordPress and has many different purposes. It just so happens that it comes with a GTM System to help you oversee tasks for the whole website.

Organize Your Work From Home

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These tasks can then include content and many other things from technical to financial. The GTM System also functions more like forum threads and should be simple to navigate to anyone who has been on online forums. It’s a similar experience to Basecamp except it all takes place within your WordPress installation.

TaskBreaker by BuddyPress

This one is also integrated into BuddyPress but its focus is more geared towards teamwork or team management. The TaskBreaker feature is all about managing projects and content creation with your co-workers or buddies (however you prefer to call them). It comes built-in with a graphical progress bar that’s jolly and visual indication of a task’s progress. It can be motivating.

You can also assign multiple users on a specific project whereas other project managers don’t allow this. Last but not least, it has an option for automatic sorting which uses the plugin’s algorithm to sort based on priority or deadlines or many other factors. On the flip side, you will have to have the Group Component of BuddyPress enabled in order to have this one.

Software Issue Manager

Site admins and developers also get their fair share of chaos even as a work-from-home professional. As you’re aware, websites frequently get bugs and glitches. This is where software engineers and experts come in. They too can make their jobs more manageable using a plugin for WordPress called Software Issue Manager.

The name is pretty straightforward and can be an advantageous tool for when you’re managing multiple websites. If you also manage a team of software professionals, you can easily assign issues and problems to them as “tasks,” making bug-fixing a painless challenge instead of a whack-a-mole ordeal.

Make sure to not overload your WordPress installation with these plugins; only pick the ones you need to organize your work from home routine based on your workload. As always, stay safe inside your home and we hope these plugins can help you.

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