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8 WordPress Plugins for Better User Experience

8 WordPress Plugins for Better User Experience

There’s certain psychology involved in websites regarding user behavior. Apart from the fact that some people have a natural behavioral map for navigating online spaces, some of them are also strapped for time. So, really, it all boils down to their satisfaction or more specifically, their user experience or UX for short. To that end, if your website can have a better user experience, you can bet people will have more incentives to visit.

Thankfully, you don’t really need to stress too much about user psychology. You most likely picked a convenient layout and functionality for your site. Still, the user experience does not end there. Small things like being able to chat with them live or faster website load times are also as essential as the layout.

Hence, we have prepared for you some nifty WordPress plugins; these will help in further improving the user experience of your visitors.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

To start off this list is one of the most common and standard plugins for WordPress, especially for blogs or websites with written content. Yoast has gifted us with a great feature not only for improving the search engine optimization (SEO) of written content but also for catering to the masses and their preferences for reading.

better user experience

As such, you’ll want to abide by Yoast’s readability metric in order to provide the best user experience your content can offer for the readers. If it’s easier to read, then all the better. That means your readers can enjoy the content better. Who knows, you might also be able to generate a loyal subscriber base. Do your blog a favor and grab this plugin now if you don’t have it already.

Video Intro for WordPress

As with most forms of satisfaction, the presentation can play a huge role. Something aesthetically pleasing is always a plus in the eyes of the viewers. Your website visitors are no exception. If you already have a beautiful website and an exceptional layout, don’t stop there; add some more bells and whistles in the form of video intros.

better user experience

While this might not be optimal for visitors with a slow internet connection or low data caps, you have to admit it’s one of the most radical ways to beautify your website. The Video Intro for WordPress plugin or other similar plugins can give you this desired effect and added presentation value for your blog.

W3 Total Cache

Nothing kills a user experience faster than a slow-loading website. Even studies have stated that nearly half of all internet users expect a page to load in just a couple of seconds. Any more than that and they close the tab. So you’ll want to make sure that your website loading speed is up to par. You can by employing the W3 Total Cache plugin.

better user experience

This plugin will help your pages load faster through caching. Additionally, W3 Total Cache lets you store images on another network or server to further increase your website’s loading speed. In turn, this will make user experience much smoother. All that because they can navigate your website better and access your content easier.


Sometimes navigation can be a daunting task especially for users who don’t have enough patience to cycle through your archives. That’s why you might want to give them the opportunity to access some of the more important highlights of your website with a pop-up or a tooltip. It helps pique their curiosity and ushers them into checking out your other content.

better user experience

For this special task, the plugin Floatton is one of the best. It utilizes tooltip-styled popups to guide your visitors better throughout your website. With this plugin, the users can end up feeling like they’re still being taken care of even as they’ve finished your content. Basically, this plugin here is like a mini butler for your website.

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Broken Link Checker

You might have the most responsive website user interface ever or the most relevant and shareable content, but all that pretty exterior can be undone just because of a few broken links. There are many reasons these hyperlinks or backlinks are no longer accessible. The most common one, however, is age. Some domains simply don’t last forever.

better user experience

Or it could be that the content got reported or deleted. Whatever the case, you’ll want to remove these links that lead nowhere. Manually checking them can be tedious so let a plugin do that for you. The Broken Link Checker can make this task easier by more than 75 percent. Once the broken links have been revealed, you simply need to remove or replace them.

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WP Light Tours Builder

Your website is a virtual paradise, something that’s worthy of a tour to help users or visitors get a general feel and familiarity with it. This is rather important in building your own small community on the website. So, make your users feel more welcome, give them a tour. Something like WP Light Tours Builder can help you with this.

This tour can be anything you want to show: text, images, videos, or a combination of all of them. It’s a lot more valuable to eCommerce websites than the regular content blogs but you can employ this plugin regardless. You also have full control on when to have the tour pop-up if you think it’s too intrusive for user experience.


Of course, when it comes to optimizing your WordPress website for user experience, you must not forget that the main platform people are using now is mobile. That means making sure your website is mobile-friendly is mandatory if you want to satisfy your users. WPtouch is a huge help in this; it’s also rather simple.

Still, could only be applicable for websites with little to no semblance of a mobile version. WPtouch gives you a mobile theme for your website that’s easy to use and set up. Do check out other options like WPtouch though, you might find other similar plugins that have the same purpose. Take a pick.

Uber Chat

When it comes to taking care of your visitors, nothing beats direct communication. This is more so for online stores or sellers who need immediate customer support especially for their queries and concerns regarding products or services. Uber Chat (among many other similar plugins) is a good choice.

It lets you communicate in real-time with your visitors or customers so you can address their needs. It also makes for a smoother and proper Q/A sessions with the community you have built. All in all, having a chat with your website visitors makes your blog more transparent and friendly.

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