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The Post Descriptions WordPress Plugin Is Perfect for Multi-Author Blogs

The Post Descriptions WordPress Plugin Is Perfect for Multi-Author Blogs

The Post Descriptions WordPress Plugin is one of the highly recommended add-ons for multi-author websites. The add-on provides numerous benefits and advantages that are too difficult to pass up. Easy to download and absolutely free, the plug-in is accessible for any multi-author WordPress website moderator to optimize.

Basically, the Post Descriptions plugin allows moderators to literally add notes and descriptions to posts. Like post-its within the WordPress site, it helps editors and moderators provide reminders, comments, and to-do lists for all authors.

Why go for a multi-author blog?

The Post Descriptions WordPress plugin is not just intended for multi-author blogs. In fact, it is designed for all types of website management and ownership. However, it is highly beneficial for websites moderated by a group of people or authored by different individuals. A lot of new bloggers are surprised at how that this kind of blog moderation is manageable. But, it is inevitable to have multiple authors for websites.

If you are thinking of building a new blog, why should you consider owning a multi-author website?

  • Improves diversity content – Adding team members across different fields of experience adds diversity to content creation. It is easier to produce content from fresh angles of a trending topic. Having more authors also allow for better collaborative work.
  • More content, less stress – One great benefit of owning a multi-author blog is the production of new content, at higher rates, and at higher speeds. If there are more writers, there will be more work done.
  • A fresh perspective on topics – Sometimes we need to recycle older topics to create a newer post that is relevant to the current time. Making sure that it is written by another author ensures that newer and fresher perspectives are written about it.
  • Smoother operations – Having multiple authors do not obligate your writers to create content every day. For instance, a month-long schedule is easy to set up indicating which content to publish and when for every writer. It is also easy to delegate tasks that could be overwhelming for just one blog moderator.

What does the Post Descriptions WordPress Plugin do?

The concept of this WordPress plugin is simple. Moderators and editors of a website could create descriptions on every post. May it be their own or made by another author. The descriptions could be about anything. For instance, the editor wants minor edits done on the work then they could add in a post description. Or, for instance, there is a note on when and how to publish a particular post. The descriptions could be written for a page or for every post. This means moderators could also create descriptions on a page or any part of the blog as general reminders for all. Authors could also create post descriptions of their own work. For example, it could be describing what the post is about.

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How to download and install Post Descriptions Plugin

Easy! Type in ‘Post Descriptions WordPress Plugin’ on your search engine and it will lead you to where you can download it. The best place to download it would be on the website. Then, install it on your WordPress blog as normal. There are multiple instructions available online on how to install WordPress plugins.

Upon installation, you would need to enable the plugin first to make sure that you could use it. Go to Settings then Post Descriptions to enable it. Or, you could go to the Plugins page, click on Settings, and click on the option to Turn On Post States. Once this is enabled, you will see that an additional column will be added on the posts and pages admin screens with a big bold ‘descriptions’ on it.

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Benefits of using the Post Descriptions WordPress Plugin

There are multiple benefits to having a Post Description WordPress Plugin installed into your blog, especially if you own a multi-author blog. A good deal of the reviews for this plug-in has pointed out how easy it is to use. It is easy to download, it is easily accessible, it is open-source – what else could we ask for? The concept of the plug-in is simple but only those that use it will realize how essential it is in the management of multi-author websites. The post descriptions are easy to add, edit, and delete.

Also, the reviews also claim that the addition of this plug-in into their workspaces has greatly improved their workflow. A lot of multi-author websites use third-party software for workflow management, discussions, and conversations. There are times that small notes are forgotten because it is usually lost in the long threads of discussions. The use of the post descriptions is a great way to give simple reminders for minor edits and tasks editors have for their writers. Also, it is a good way for authors to remind their editors of some bits that they have discussed in the post. Communication may be easier.

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