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13 WordPress Themes for Architecture

13 WordPress Themes for Architecture

Architecture blogs come in many different forms, styles, and types. For a website to fully embody this, choosing the best WordPress theme for architecture is essential. For anyone interested in creating their own architecture blog, it is best to remember that it is a great avenue to deliver information to designers, students, or architects who are trying to discover them.

Some architecture blogs are created purely for educational purposes and are made for students and budding designers. Others are created purely for inspiration. PRO TIP: If you are really considering writing an architecture blog, it is of best interest to focus less on news and updates. A lot of designers, decorators, and architects themselves are mostly looking for advice and inspiration when looking at architecture blogs. Publishing one or two news posts every month may suffice.

Sustainable Architecture

Designing a sustainable structure, known as green architecture, is a growing trend in the industry. For bloggers, this is a good niche opportunity as the topic is not as extensively discussed and represented so far. Sustainability does not just end in materials and construction methods. The overall design and aesthetics of a structure play a huge part in its sustainability. Remember that when creating content for sustainable architecture blogs.

The problem is, however, that it is not easy to choose WordPress themes for sustainable architecture. Using themes that have too much greenery or recyclables may be a bit too cliché for the niche already. Visually, sustainability in a structure is not visible to the naked eye.


Landscape and Skyline Themes

These are the typical themes you will see in many architecture blogs. The background is usually a majestic or classy structure that could be considered architectural wonders by any standard. Mind you, these kinds of themes are great. Just by looking at the theme, you will immediately know that you are reading an architecture blog. Partnered with an equally impressive typeface, and a distinctive color palette – this kind of theme is surely a knockout.


Mies Studio

Modern and Abstract WordPress Themes for Architecture

Any designer or architect dreams of being able to design a modern and abstract structure. Imagine taking an element from nature as an inspiration and transforming it not only into a structure but into an art. These are the kinds of blog themes that tell aspiring designers and students what the future of the industry can hold. Themes like this are great to use if you are looking for an artistic “wow factor” to your blog. Think neoclassical, art nouveau, and art deco – these are great design styles you should be looking out for when choosing a WordPress theme.



Infinite – Architek

Interior Design WordPress themes

Other than designing how a structure looks against a backdrop of the world, a good deal of designing is required for the interior of a structure as well. People spend more time inside of structures than outside of them. The aesthetics of a room can dictate the overall mood of its inhabitants.

If you are considering producing an architecture blog, make sure you have content on interior design as well. Made popular by Etsy and Pinterest, interior design content is highly sought after not just by architects and decorators, but also by ordinary people who want to do DIY on their homes. It is very easy to find interior design WordPress themes on the internet.

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Complianz WP



Minimalist Architecture Themes

The minimalist concept is also an ever-growing trend. If you are creating a blog about minimalist architecture, creating slide shows and features will not suffice. There are so many things to consider in a minimalist design – the color palette, the furniture, the size of spaces, and more. Take this into consideration when you are creating content about the niche. Also, usually, WordPress themes for minimalist architecture have an equally minimalist vibe to them.  


Kuns +

Luxury Architecture WordPress themes

Part of architecture, really, is to dream of what is grand and luxurious. Luxury is always a part of the design process. When building an architecture blog, the grandness of your website is also one thing to consider. Think Victorian architecture, baroque, gothic, and all other architectural styles that are both archaic and grand. These kinds of blogs are inspiring not just for architects and designers, but to any artist interested in taking inspiration from majestic structures.

The Architect


Construction WordPress Themes for Architecture

At some point or another, it is difficult to separate architecture from construction. Remember, construction content in an architecture blog may gain good traffic. Any architect, decorator, or designer will need to know the best methods to construct their designs. Else, the designs will just be an ordinary thought project. Choosing a construction WordPress theme is quite easy as there is a vast collection available online.


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