Blogreview: Goluboy

An ejaculation of colour and imagery confronts the eye @ Goluboy does not tempt to win design awards but provides an enriching experience in queer enlightenment with his thoughts and observations on everything from music to Barney The Purple Dinosaur.
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Google to Bloggle?

Various internet new services monitored by The Blog Herald are reporting that Google is to introduce a Blog Search engine along a similar path to the splitting off of usenet groups upon their purchase of dejanews some years ago
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TypePad close to launch

TypePad, from Six Apart, creators of the popular MovableType blogging software is nearing completetion with increased media interest prior to launch.

TypePad promises to bring the power and performance of MovableType, the favoured blogging software of The Blog Herald, to the masses in an online, blogger-like paid service.
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How to make your way through the blog

This is a 94 percent free country (excluding the bits that are designated no-smoking areas and the places where shirt and shoes are required for service), so if I want to write a column about Weblogs, hey, no one can stop me.
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Why Gary Hart Wants to Blog

Maverick politician Gary Hart is trying to muster some political clout by blogging his way into visibility.

The former Colorado senator and 1988 Democratic front-runner for the presidential nomination is not officially a candidate, but his blog on is testing the waters. It promises regular political musings from the man himself and a place for readers to comment.
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Buy, Sell, Hold, Blog

Now, you needn’t just read Weblogs. A virtual stock market lets you trade in them

Many of us built our first houses, dealt in property, managed public utilities, and went to jail much before we were into our teens. That was in the make believe world of Monopoly, of course. Money games are a great way to learn about the harsh realities of a capitalist world without going through the pains of bankruptcy, insolvency, mortgages, and other such concepts of advanced living.
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Gagging the bloggers

You cannot move online these days without falling over a weblog or 10.

All the people who, five years ago, were proudly showing off the shiny new e-mail address on their business cards, are now polishing up their weblogs and hoping they have something interesting to say to the world.
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Journalists Debate Closure of Another Blog

A journalist working for a major media company decides to start a personal Weblog in his spare time. His blog becomes popular (or not). His association with the media company is stated, but discreetly. He has the usual disclaimer: This Weblog is the opinion of Joe Journo, and not the company he works for. But what does the company think? If it’s CNN, Time magazine or the Hartford Courant, it doesn’t think — it acts, killing the Weblog for reasons stated (and unstated).
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Why Blogs Haven’t Stormed the Business World

Whatever you may think of the publishing revolution known as blogging, the advent of technology for posting “top-of-mind” thoughts to a Web site is an intriguing development in Internet history. Weblogs, or “blogs” for short, dramatically ease the process of uploading simple kinds of content, thus facilitating a loosely organized kind of collaborative publishing.
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