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Blogging Dixons: an on-line campaign against bad service

Blogging Dixons: an on-line campaign against bad service

A customer of Dixons became so annoyed after months of dealing with the after sales care team at the UK electrical retailer that she has set up a blog to publicise the appalling service she received.

News site picked up the plight of Marie Griffiths, bringing her cyber-griping web page to the attention of many other customers or potential customers of the Dixons Group plc, which also owns the Curry’s chain.

Marie purchased a TV from Dixons in December last year, but the set stopped working within a few days. Dixons did not collect the set for repair for three months and since then Marie has been without her television and, according to her blog, been subjected by Dixons to “6 months of misinforming me, ignoring me, being rude to me, wasting my time, wasting my money and reducing me to tears.”

Hence the blog. A sponsored ad even appeared on the Google search engine so that any search for the words “Mastercare” (Dixons’ after sales service), or “Dixons” would list her blog at the top of the results, with the line: “Why NOT to buy from the DSG Group. Terrible ‘service’ from Mastercare.”

Marie has asked visitors to her site to let her know if they decide not to buy something at Dixon’s and purchase it somewhere else. As at her posting of 8.56am this morning, Marie claims over £150,000 in lost revenue for the company, based on what visitors to her blog have told her.

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As yet Dixons has made no comment.

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  • Do as I always do and did so again today! Go first to John Lewis, who provide a free 5-year warranty and excellent after-sales service if needed. If you don’t have a JL store near you try their website. Order online and you will get an email confirming your order and follow-up emails re delivery. They and their Waitrose foodstores cannot be bettered. Even their online digital photo processing service is the best. They undertake to deliver in 4 days. I’ve had mine in 2 or 3 days. I’m not an employee of John Lewis – just an old pensioner immune to today’s advertising blurb and deception.

  • I too have been a victim of Dixons shoddy service. The procedure I had to take to get a refund for my faulty TV was to file a county court claim against Dixons and sit in front of the District Judge of Southend County Court with a Dixon’s Litigation representitive !

    Why do Dixons blatently breach the Sale of Goods act? Contrary to Dixons’ “Terms and Conditions” a consumer still has rights even after their “28-day” limit.

    Full story on my website

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