The New Road to the White House

political blogs are probably one of the most over written about sections of the blogosphere, however Lawrence Lessig at Wired has put into perspective the difference blogging is making in the worlds most powerful nation: the good ol’ US of A
The New Road to the White House |
“When they write the account of the 2004 campaign, it will include at least one word that has never appeared in any presidential history: blog. Whether or not it elects the next president, the blog may be the first innovation from the Internet to make a real difference in election politics. But to see just why requires a bit of careful attention.”

Pseudonymous blogging under subpoena threat

just for once Andrew Orlowski at the register has a story that is not just nasty, and an important lesson in possible defamation and blogging
Pseudonymous blogging under subpoena threat | the register
“But when Atrios captioned a (characteristically terse) post about Luskin with the phrase “Diary of a Stalker”, the columnist reached for his lawyer. Luskin objected to the caption and what he characterised as libelous comments made by posters to Atrios’ Demosthenes weblog. “

paying for content and blogs to replace online newspapers?

Another interesting article today on OJR discussing that recent occurence that every major newspaper site in Britain has bolstered their sagging income by charging for content. There are two points that could be concluded from this;1: that Blogs will become an more sort after source of news as the so-called mainstream press locks itself away from the casual viewer, and 2: it is highly likely that one day soon we will see the Uber-bloggers charge for content? Someone like Salam Pax, the Blogger of Baghdad might be able to make some good money. Certainly here in Australia has a large paying audience based on exclusive political email content, and the Sydney Morning Herald charges for access to their online archives. There is no reason why others, in a more traditional blog format could achieve similar success or income.

Microsoft fires worker over blog

This fresh off the net from seattle pi, very interesting development that may see the start of blog related sackings at Microsoft and other IT firms.
Microsoft fires worker over weblog |
‘Michael Hanscom began keeping an online journal, commonly known as a weblog, several years ago. He started his job as a contract worker in Microsoft’s print shop last year. Last week, he mixed the two.

This week, he’s looking for a new job, after becoming an unwilling case study in the fine line walked by corporate employees who write about work in their personal weblogs.”

Google News Refuses Blog

Just what is Googles issue with blogs? We’ve received this correspondence from Trudy W. Schuett>
I’ve just been refused listing at Google News due to the nature of my content delivery system. This is totally wrong — many other news outlets use blogs to deliver content, and this should not be a consideration when deciding the viablity of a publication. (See Google’s e-mail below)
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Instructors increase Weblog use as aids

Blogs are now being used as a class room tool, or so the story goes…
Instructors increase Weblog use as aids | The Exponent
“One of the goals is to teach students in professional writing and other students to communicate with the new technologies in the work world and socially,” Blakesley said. “I knew a lot of people were using blogs, and I wanted to encourage dialogue and discussion and keep students on the cutting edge.”

Blogs and advertising

An interesting article looking at Blogs from the advertising angle
Blogs Emerge As Hot New Ad Medium, Albeit With Trepidation | Mediapost
“But advertising on blogs isn’t for everyone, cautions Todd Copilevitz, director of Richards Interactive, an agency that’s developed blog marketing strategies for Nokia, Home Depot and, most notorious, Dr Pepper’s flavored milk drink Raging Cow. “If you want the steady drumbeat of sell, sell, sell, buy, buy, buy, this is not the forum for you. You do not control message.”

How spammers are targeting blogs

We’ve covered Blog/Comment spam before here at the Blog Herald, but now we know the problem has grown beyond irritant to a major blogosphere wide problem, to the point that even the BBC are reporting on it. Bill Thompson’s article sheds light on the problem to those new to the area, but none the less shows some of the threats this menace presents not only to the blogosphere, but the continued growth of blogging as we know it.
How spammers are targeting blogs | BBC
“It depresses me to think that any open medium can be so easily undermined by people with no scruples, no sense of responsibility and no idea of the damage they are doing. It also feels a lot more personal and intrusive than e-mail or UseNet spam. “