Blog jam of Internet consciousness

Another fluff piece on blogs as online diaries, but we liked the title so here it is!
Blog jam of Internet consciousness | The News Tribune
“Tacoma, Seattle, the nation, the universe: They’re teeming with a young species in love with itself, but not in an annoying way. Web log keepers – bloggers – write about their lives in online diaries. Others open and read the diaries, click on “send a comment,” and create a community, buzzing with common interests, experiences and questions.”

Building a Web Media Empire on a Daily Dose of Fresh Links

Ever the media tart, Nick Denton’s new porn blogging enterprise Fleshbot has made the pages of the New York Times. Whilst we do not always agree with some of Nicks methods and content, the guy deserves credit for making money from blogging and creating more publicity than any other blogger online.
Building a Web Media Empire on a Daily Dose of Fresh Links | New York Times
Mr. Denton, a British entrepreneur and self-styled “play magazine editor,” is trying to turn blogging – once only the province of hobbyists – into a profitable, ad-supported business. But Gawker Media is not exactly gushing cash just yet.
Mr. Denton says his blogs, which also include a gadget site called Gizmodo, “are businesses with, at least for the moment, the turnover of a lemonade stand.” He says each site brings in several thousand dollars a month in revenue.

Mom finds out about blog

The Onion strikes the Blogosphere: very funny
Mom finds out about blog | The Onion
“MINNEAPOLIS, MN—In a turn of events the 30-year-old characterized as “horrifying,” Kevin Widmar announced Tuesday that his mother Lillian has discovered his weblog. “Apparently, Mom typed [Widmar’s employer] Dean Healthcare into Google along with my name and, lo and behold, PlanetKevin popped up,” Widmar said. “I’m so f***ed.”

Chris Shipley sees the light on blogging

Chris Shipley of NetworkWorld has seen the light on Blogs, and whilst we don’t normally highlight those who have gone against the blogging flow in the past, her writing style and elegance of prose will see her become a welcome addition to the Blogosphere.
The Blog Nation | Wisconsin Technology Network
“Blogging may be the first truly disintermediated, widely distributed and democratic publishing medium. Because blog media is low- or no-cost, there is no barrier to becoming a blog publisher. Indeed, anyone can create a blog. Whether anyone else reads it is another matter, but it is at this point where the reader, rather than writer/publisher, is truly empowered. In print or even online publishing, publishers assume their access to the printing press (physical or digital) washes them in journalistic integrity such that they can say to the reader”

Blogreview: Blogging Canadian style

On the day a Royal Canadian Navy ship sailed into Fremantle (the captain was interviewed on local radio), we have the pleasure of reviewing one of many blog review/ links sites available on the web, a site that provides not only a resource and picture of blogging in Canada, but a insight into a country that is often overlooked for its more powerful neighbour to the South, yet despite this influence remains a proudly independent member of the Commonwealth of Free Nations (well mostly free, just ignore Zimbabwe and a number of other strange African states), Blogs Canada.
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The Anti-Blog Spam Posse

A movement has been born, and bloggers world wide are uniting under the banner of the Kalsey Consulting Group Blog to tackle head on the evil that is Blog spammers and their insidious spam. Or so the story should go!. Adam Kalsey has written a Blog Spam manifesto as a call to arms for bloggers to take on this daily menace. There are also full instructions on how to fight back against blog spammers by hitting them where it hurts, in their wallets by having the hosting and other accounts cancelled.

Adam is asking Bloggers to sign the manifesto by linking to it, leaving a comment or sending a TrackBack ping to get the word out and let blog spammers know that their days are numbered. The Blog Herald fully supports his initiative and calls on all readers to show your support.

Clark Campaign to Debut Big Blog

We’ve tried to avoid runnng campaign blog stories as they are the most over-hyped, over reported section on the blogosphere, however The Blog Herald is here to report news afterall, this article on Wired in regards to yet another presidential wannabe blog making big headlines:
Clark Campaign to Debut Big Blog | Wired
“Now the Clark campaign is set to unveil an ambitious Web initiative of its own: the Clark Community Network, an integrated system of blogs and Web tools scheduled to launch this week.
“Build it, and they will come,” said the director of the online network, Cameron Barrett, who described the Clark Community Network as a cross between Yahoo Groups and a hosted, “blog-centric” network of websites.”

Conversation with a Blog Spammer

(via public virtual MemoryStream) Joseph Duemer decided to contact and challenge a Blog spammer in what sure makes for an interesting read:
Conversation with a Bottom Feeder | Reading & Writing
” And my opinion that you are a slime-sucking bottom-feeder is protected by the first amendment. Tell you what. I hereby cancel the invoice that has been the subject of this correspondence. Now, how about you come clean about posting unauthorized commercial messages on my site?”