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Happy 100 to Luke Hutteman

Happy 100 to Luke Hutteman

This week saw the 100th posting on Luke Hutteman’s blog, perhaps an unremarkable event for most blogs, but remarkable for Luke due to the time he must spend developing the excellent RSS reader Sharpreader. The remarkable little program might not get as much attention as some of its more established, charging rivals, but we are happy to swear by it, and have never had a problem with it, even though the version we are using is now about 5 versions old. Best of luck Luke and keep up the good work.

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  • I just updated my version of Sharpreader and I agree it’s an under-rated aggregator. Clean and simple!
    Another dotNet aggregator worth looking at is rssBandit. It has more bells and whistles than Sharp but is possibly a bit less stable. I opened it recently to find all my feeds missing/unsubscribed and I’ve now gone back to the more streamlined Sharpreader.

  • Congrats I found this on a search with google and thought it was wierd that our names were so close considering I have never heard of another huetteman, hutteman ever since the name is pretty unique best wishes in the future..Luke

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