Blogshares is back!

Thanks to Jay Campbell BlogShares is rising from the ashes with news that the popular blog game is set to return, with premium memberships extended 1 month to compensate for the down time. No news yet on a return date but it is expected to return before christmas.

Award 2: best Christmas decoration of the Blog

The award is open to any blog or blogger who has decorated their blog for christmas either entirely or in an subtle way. The award is to encourage the displaying of christmas good cheer on every blog.

Introducing the first Blog Herald Christmas Blogging Awards

Its time to spread some cheer in the Blogosphere this Christmas by encouraging blogs to join in the spirit of Christmas, and in keeping with the trend of the times, the Blog Herald is running its first Christmas Blog Awards.xmas.jpg At this stage we can offer no prizes other than the good will of all men, however Im sure we might be able to find something. As for judging, we will invited a limited panel of well know bloggers to make the judgement, and perhaps one open vote. The categories as follows: post in the comments for each category your suggestion for a blog to win, or if you think we should have extra categories let us know. Winners to be announced Christmas Eve. Good luck! For all the latest on one page visit

Cheating blights Wizbang awards

Showing great christmas spirit, a group of voters has attempted to undermine the Wizbang blog awards through multiple voting for sites not aligned with Dave Winer. We would like to feel sorry for wizbang, but as we could not even receive one nomination we reserve the right to encourage further cheating on the site.

Bloggers Google bomb Bush

Newsday, along with a number of other sites are reporting that bloggers and other site owners Google bombed George W Bush by associating the phrase “miserable failure” with the president on their sites, resulting with the Presidents biography rating top for the search term in Google, an interesting way to make a political statement, whether you agree with the sentiment or not.

Miserable Failure? Google Trick Says It’s Bush | Newsday
“This is just one of those spontaneous things that a blogger will post something and other bloggers will say, ‘This is a great idea.'”

PC Magazine recommends TypePad, gives MT 5/5

Neil J. Rubenking of PC Magazine has written an extensive article reviewing Blogging Tools and rated Movable Type 5/5 when comparing it to Blogger, Blog*Spot, LiveJournal, Radio UserLand, Tripod Blog Builder. In further good news for SixApart ,TypePad received the editors choice award for its ease of use and a rating of 4/5.
The article is well written, researched, and a great guide for new bloggers and seasoned bloggers alike, and compares far better to the blog guide written by Troy Dreier , in the same publication back in August which bizarrely rated Tripod as the best blog tool. In bad news for the Google owned Blogger and Blogspot, Rubenking rated their service the lowest of the tools reviewed, with strong emphasis given to the lack of features the service provides and even comments that the only thing going for it is that it is free.