Bravenet launches Blogging service

Long time webmaster support site Bravenet have just launched their Bravenet Journal blogging service. Whilst late on the blogging scene, the folks at Bravenet have been around for years providing free and paid services for webmasters, and the addition of a blogging service to their suite of goodies will only open up the blogosphere to even more would-be recruits. Having said that, their offering looks like it may just win a few converts to.
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Tucows acquires BlogRolling

Tucows Inc. today announced the acquisition of, a popular website and weblog tracking service. presently tracks over 500,000 weblog links for more than 32,000 users. Each day serves over 1.5 million blogrolls to users of all major weblog platforms. is a blogroll management service; a list of links that a website or weblog owner can include in their web pages as a public list of bookmarks. Tucows will continue to support users and all weblog platforms as it continues to develop new features for the service.
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Blogs Mean Better Listings On Google

Garrett French at WebProNews looks at a speech given by Rick Bruner on the advantages of blogs in increasing Google rankings, but unlike many, by encouraging the establishment of good blogs on topical issues.
Blogs Mean Better Listings On Google | WebProNews
“Given these examples of successful blogs, many business owners are left wondering whether blogging is right for their businesses. What are some reasons to have a blog? Bruner said, “Blog stands for Better Listings On Google” because Google favors regularly updated content. It’s also common for breaking news to be featured on blogs”

NTT Data’s Blog Service to Feature GPS Location Data

Japanese telco NTT Data has announced that it will launch a new form of its free blog service, Doblog, for users of GPS-enabled cellphones on March 1.
The two-week limited trial service will enable users to associate their blog entries with relevant location information. If, for instance, the user posts a message about a shop, the blog system will add the shop’s location information.

Is Nick Denton a racist?

Some interesting commentary is passing its way around the blogosphere accusing uber-money-blogger Nick Denton and his stable of blogs as being allegedly “anti black”. Whilst we are not in the position to comment, this article at Alternet may well be the start of an interesting debate
Blogging While Anti-Black | AlterNet
“Imagine if there were a website where you could vicariously cruise the halls of power in New York and DC via deliciously campy witticisms about the gossip and gaffes that plague powerful media moguls, real estate barons, and politicos that delight the reader in ways that can only be described with overused nihilistic German words…Gawker and Wonkette exemplify the growing phenomenon of white hipsters adopting a casual racism. Is it any wonder so many still feel blogging’s a white man’s sport?”

Google launches new ad formats: great news for Bloggers

Google has listened and responded to blogger concerns about the limitations of it’s Adsense ad formats by launching a new range of ad formats to its options, opening up the service for bloggers who have been reluctant to use the service due to the previous limitations, in a win-win for both Google and the blogosphere alike. The new formats include a new 1 ad button and a short 2 ad vertical option which will fit nicely with blogs looking for less intrusive options, with some large options for those looking at maximising Adsense revenue.

And for those concerned whether Google pays: the Blog Herald’s first cheque arrived this week! Although we can’t disclose the amount due to Google restrictions, and after the foreign cheque conversion fee and the decreasing value of the USD to AUD, there wont be a whole lot left, it’s still nice to receive the funds to cover a few months hosting fees none the less.

Blogger gets exclusive with Bush

Blogger Rex Hammock of rexblog scoops the press with an exclusive post on his meeting with the US President.
Local exec meets with Bush, gets the scoop | The Tennessean
“The President looks and sounds exactly like the guy on TV. He knows, I’m sure, that we all think we know him. He is charming and was as hospitable as anyone I’ve ever met. He made us feel that he was grateful to us for coming to visit him (like we would turn him down) and was genuinely comfortable in both the chit-chat and the policy talk. He especially enjoyed talking with the apple farmer as he was able to talk about the trees he is growing on his ranch in Crawford.”

Blogging: The Next Wave

Glenn Harlan Reynolds at Tech Central Station gives his opinion on where best to target a new blog, good reading if your looking at starting one
Blogging: The Next Wave | TCS
“So if I were starting out from scratch, with the goal of having maximum blog-impact, I think I’d give that subject [war-blogging] a pass. Instead, I’d look around to see what’s going on that’s potentially very interesting, but that isn’t getting enough attention…”