The perpetual student

Blogging as a study, what a wonderful world we live in> CAMERON MARLOW, 27, is in his fifth year of a doctoral program in media arts and sciences at MIT. He grew up in Pebble Beach, Calif., and received a bachelor’s degree in computer science at the University of Chicago. One of his areas of expertise is weblogs. read more>

More high profile press for DNC bloggers

An interesting mix of coverage, many of it high profile, in deed with all the fuss the bar is set very high for the DNC Bloggers: lets just hope they deliver on the hype.
Year of the Blog? Web Diarists Are Now Official Members of Convention Press Corps Gadsden Times
Blogging It In Boston CBS News
Who’s a journalist? Take notes: You might be surprised
Meet the Bloggers Wall Street Journal
also proves that Bloggers not polished political players: just check out some of the pictures
Covering DNC is organized bedlam Washington Times
BlogWatch to feature Carville and Crowley
With TV losing interest, Democrats court `blogs’ Toronto Star
Press credentials don’t make bloggers journalists Houston Chronicle
Boston’s Bloggers, Filling In the Margins Washington Post
Delegate bloggers offer insider’s view of convention
Bloggers Offer Inside View to Convention ABC News

Blogging Catches Business Interest

eWeek>Webloggers and businesses are increasingly shaking each other’s hands and putting a more human face on corporations in the process, say bloggers and their proponents. The inaugural BlogOn 2004 conference held here on Friday focused on the growing intersection between blogging and business. A series of panels explored how the collaborative form of online publishing could open more of the inner workings of companies to the public. read more>

Convention Bloggers ready to roll

The main story dominating the blogosphere this week will be the DNC and the “Convention Bloggers”. Whether you’re left or right on the political spectrum, or just don’t give a hoot, bloggers are being thrust to the forefront of the Democratic process in the world’s most powerful nation in a way never seen before. Even if the convention is nothing more that a shambolic infomercial as has been suggested by some, it is none the less an interesting exercise. With the Convention to start money The Blog Herald provides a quick guide to the blogs to watch.
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Weblogs can lead to woes at work

Serious business blogging :-)> Weblogs are emerging as powerful workplace tools, helping workers stay on top of their professions, as well as helping organizations manage team projects. But the Web diaries — maintained by an estimated 2.5 million people — are not all sweetness and light. Used unwisely, postings on a “blog” can cost you your job. read more>

At the speed of blog

Fascinating post at in relation to the growing powers of blogs in political fundraising.>”After a Republican congressman resigned unexpectedly, a lefty blogger called for readers to send money to his opponent — and the cash poured in.” read more>

BlogMedia Selects All Headline News to Provide Instant News Headlines for

An interesting press release, if only for the fact that we haven’t heard of either of the companies, however it does demonstrate the growth in the blogosphere and the diversity of offerings becoming available
Press release> Blogmedia has launched a new sports blog hosting service and has selected All Headline News to provide breaking sports news and headlines.
“Blogmedia needed instant, relevant content for our new sports site,” Stated Austin Chase, President of Blogmedia. “All Headline News provides us with live, real-time sports news and headlines for our official blog. Our blog readers love it. Traffic to has increased exponentially. All Headline News is definitely our MVP.”
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Blog keeps former reporter in the mix

Has the blogosphere become the place where reporters go to die?>”For Joe Monahan, every day is a great day to cover political news.
Not the heady stuff of policy and theory, but the daily gotchas and whodunnits that make politics one of New Mexico’s favorite spectator sports. Monahan, however, is not a reporter. Not anymore. Nor is he a pundit, though he sometimes plays one on TV. Instead, Monahan, 49, is part of a growing trend in Internet-based publishing. Every night, after finishing work at his consulting firm, Monahan sits at his computer in his Downtown apartment and taps out a newsletter that, when it is published online, quickly becomes the talk of “La Politica,” Monahan’s pet name for New Mexico’s political whirl.” read more>

Technorati goes big time: partners with CNN to cover conventions

Technorati has proved that good things come to those who work hard and wait with the announcement that CNN has hired it to provide its “BlogWatch” service, which CNN describes as an up-to-the-moment review of numerous Web logs covering the convention. Financials have not been disclosed in the announcement however it definitely provides a coming of age for the service and a win for David Sifry, who will also be providing “regular on-air commentary on what bloggers are saying about politics and the convention”

Reuters launches 23 RSS feeds

Joining the ever growing list of RSS feed suppliers, famed providers of media to the media, Reuters UK have launched 23 new RSS feeds.

Caterina Rigoni, Marketing Manager Reuters Europe described the service in an email to The Blog Herald as such
“What you get from Reuters is the un-edited, non sanitised, raw footage experience -this is all about getting your news at the source, before anyone’s had the time to give it their spin.” A damn fine point, and there no doubt that these feeds will become popular very quickly.