List of Blog Networks

Perhaps I’m obsessed with lists and numbers, but it dawned on me that I don’t think I’ve ever seem a comprehensive lists of blog networks: so welcome to the Blog Network List v1 beta (list in no particular order). I’ll seek to update this list from time to time as a reference point: want to know how people are approaching the blogging game? the best way to learn is to see what others are doing.

Weblogs Inc.,
The No.1 blog network from Jason Calacanis

Gawker Media
Nick Denton’s gossip, tabloid and soft pawn empire

collaborative network which I still think wins the award for nicest looking blogs

Blog Logic
Paul Short’s multi-blog network

Darren Rowse
technically Darren hasn’t got a network in name, but he certainly has a network of blogs, some that are also part of the Breaking News Blog Network


Brad Jasper’s network of blog and webmaster related blogs, tools and forums

Duct Tape Marketing
9 marketing blogs under the same banner

Blog Carnival

More blogging for adsense than anything else but still a blog network none the less

Weblog Empire
my little effort to be on this list

The Kos does sports


There are corporate examples as well, but I’ve tried to keep the list strictly to blog networks as opposed to corporations in other fields who have networks of bloggers.

Know any other blog networks? email me at [email protected] or leave a comment and I’ll update a list.

Update: so much info here I’ve written a new list that can be read here. Comments are now closed on this thread. Thanks to everyone for their contributions

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  1. Juka says

    Jason Calacani’s Weblogs, Inc is the only blog network that does not include links to the articles in the RSS feed. Jason does this to gain the click through and page view$. Very dishonest. The RSS feeds have ads too! When questions of this are raised on Weblogs, Inc he deletes the comments. Shame on Jason.

  2. says

    Juka: We know about this issue and we have solved it in half our feeds. it’s a technical thing.. .we have to slam two fields together from our database (the blog post and a “read/link” field. It’s just a tech oversight that we are fixing right now.

  3. says

    Thanks for the number one slot…. however, it really doesn’t matter who’s first frankly. There will be a ton of winners in this space… in fact there will be a ton of #1s across different verticals.

    I’d put Weblogs SSL is the third best network right now behind WIN and Gawker. They are getting decent traffic, solid writers, and have great design (our design in fact!).

    best j

  4. says

    Thanks for including Duct Tape Marketing. Considering we only launched about 10 days ago it was a great surprise to make the list already. One point of distinction, we like to call ourselves a Blog Channel!

    Thanks again

  5. says

    How long has Weblogsinc operated, years? Adding one tiny stinking link is a technical thing? Is your blogware that bad? Guess so. Jason admit you do it for the page views as Juka pointed out and move forward. Ignore the question about removing comments on your blogs too? Feh

  6. says

    The Seeking Alpha Network

    Sector Stock Blogs
    The Biotech Stock Blog
    The Energy Stock Blog
    The Internet Stock Blog
    The Media Stock Blog
    The Retail Stock Blog
    The Utility Stock Blog

    Country Stock Blogs
    The China Stock Blog

    Other Investing Blogs
    ETF Investor
    Seeking Alpha

    Personal Finance
    Radical Guides
    Sound Money Tips

    Spending It

  7. says

    I am not a fan on Mr. Calacanis’s Weblogsinc. Taking Jason Calacanis, and Weblogs Inc, to task
    posted on Tuesday, June 14, 2005 3:30 PM by Tim
    Weblogs Inc. blogs (such as Engadget) include a READ link on the post, but do not also include this on the syndicated feed. I’m not suggesting this is for sinister reasons like some, because I know that Jason is normally a crusader against ethically questionable practices.

    The fact remains, however, that there is still no attribution in the feed, despite Jason’s public acknowledgement of the problem. I can’t imagine it’s anything more than a minor change to the syndication template, so, taking a page out of Jason’s playbook, I’m calling them out.

    If you want to be seen as a leader of ethics in this space, you need to set the right example and maintain the highest standards. At best, this is the equivalent of providing partial feeds. At worst, if you think like Tyme, it’s misappropriating others’ content, at least for the significant percentage of folks who read via aggregators.