Weekend cryptic question: which leading website continues to steal content ideas without credit

No, its not CNet news (we already know these guys have a problem). It has a number of high profile bloggers writing for it, including people I know well, and it pre-dates blogs (well at least in ezine form). The evidence I’€™m still compiling, but there’€™s a post here at the Blog Herald that used a term of phrase that I tossed and turned on because its grammatically incorrect but descriptively correct that’€™s mysteriously appeared on this site in a story that took a take that as far as I know I was the first to take. Although they make some effort in re-writing stories, the idea’€™s are stolen and certain parts and links are always the same, and it nearly always lacks a link to the idea source. And the particular writer on this site doesn’€™t just steal from me, time and time again I’€™ve seen stuff re-written from other sites without any credit given (its ok to put your own take on a story, its not ok to not say where you got the idea from).
Any ideas? Heres a hint: Staff Writer.
Over the weekend I’m going to go back and see if I can match some earlier stuff as well before I start naming people because the truth is always the best defence to legal action :-) . More soon.

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