Fine Fools Community inks deal with Google

I’m not sure what to make of this press release, don’t get me wrong, I’m actually an avid reader of FineFools, I might not always agree with the content but its refreshing to see some sacred cows of the blogoshpere get a roasting…. Media release follows…I’m thinking Scrivs is having us on, but you never know.

Finefools Media Release:
Over the past year, 25 year old David Krug has become an established blogger.

He currently is the Editor of , a site that covers blogging from a unique perspective.(editors note: rofl)

Recently, he was covered on KRON – San Francisco’€™s website for creating a list of the Top Female Bloggers in the Industry. Problem was, one of them was a man.

Now, his site receives thousands of visitors a day and he has become one of the flagship bloggers in a new network that is taking on Weblogs Inc, and Gawker Media.

Recently, he started licensing all of his original content on Google Base. A move that could bring a lot more excitement to the blogosphere.

For more information on blogging,and the Fine Fools Community, visit his site at

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  1. says

    I have way to much fun. I suprised Scrivs lets me get away with these pranks, tricks, and what not. Can’t wait until the holidays is over and people get back to the internet.