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Fine Fools Community inks deal with Google

Fine Fools Community inks deal with Google

I’m not sure what to make of this press release, don’t get me wrong, I’m actually an avid reader of FineFools, I might not always agree with the content but its refreshing to see some sacred cows of the blogoshpere get a roasting…. Media release follows…I’m thinking Scrivs is having us on, but you never know.

Finefools Media Release:
Over the past year, 25 year old David Krug has become an established blogger.

He currently is the Editor of , a site that covers blogging from a unique perspective.(editors note: rofl)

Recently, he was covered on KRON – San Francisco’€™s website for creating a list of the Top Female Bloggers in the Industry. Problem was, one of them was a man.

Now, his site receives thousands of visitors a day and he has become one of the flagship bloggers in a new network that is taking on Weblogs Inc, and Gawker Media.

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Recently, he started licensing all of his original content on Google Base. A move that could bring a lot more excitement to the blogosphere.

For more information on blogging,and the Fine Fools Community, visit his site at

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