Women are cleaner, some work naked

Filed as News on March 12, 2006 10:39 pm

According to a recent UPI article, some telecommuters work in the nude:

Some 10 percent of worldwide telecommuters wear nothing at all while working at home, finds a survey by the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based SonicWALL.

About 39 percent of respondents of both sexes said they wear sweats while working from home, but 12 percent of males and 7 percent of females wear nothing at all, according to a survey of 941 remote and mobile workers worldwide conducted by Insight Express and SonicWALL, a provider of integrated network security and productivity solutions.

Forty-four percent of women surveyed said they showered on work-at-home days, as opposed to 30 percent of men.

I work from home and have a nicely equipped home office that keeps me nice and happy. Considering that it has two very large windows, it would probably be a bad idea to work in the nude…

Just think, the next time you’re having a nice chat with your favorite wordpress designer, he could very well be working in the nude.. all 300 lbs of him… or her..

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