This is not going to be your usual post…

Lt. Ray Murphy - 9/11

This post has nothing to do about blogging – except that in writing about a topic close to my heart, I’m really writing about the core essence of blogging.

I’m in New York City on a two day trip – and as I believe is appropriate when visiting the greatest city in the world – one should take a few moments to visit the hole in the ground that once held two of the tallest buildings in the world – and where nearly 3,000 of my fellow citizens were killed. Nearly 400 of which were police, firemen, and other rescue personnel.

Moira Smith's Gunbelt

No matter one’s political view – 9/11 is an event that has changed many of our lives – personally, professionally, and spiritually in many cases. It’s hard to fathom or think back to a time before 9/11 and how things were different, almost more innocent perhaps.

One photo and story that has always stuck with me about 9/11 is this picture that I first saw months after 9/11 in Dennis Smith’s book Report from Ground Zero.

It’s a photo of Lt. Ray Murphy of the New York City Fire Department (FDNY). He was walking away from the cameraman following the collapse of the first WTC Tower. He was shaken and probably felt lucky to be alive. He had just recovered from that tower collapse and was headed into the still standing WTC tower in order to help others.

Lt. Ray Murphy - 9/11

He was killed in the collapse of that tower.

This picture has always reminded me of both heroism and sacrifice given freely by the men and women of the FDNY, NYPD, PAPD, and others that day —

In the end, I think we all have the responsibility to remember what happened that day – to us – to our fellow man – here in our own country.

A few weeks ago, while having coffee with a dear friend in Minneapolis, our conversation steered towards the impact of September 11th on our lives – both personally and professionally.

She pulled out her PDA – tapped on it a few times – and spun it around so that I could read it.

It was her calendar – turned to September 11th, 2006 – and it showed just one word:


Yesterday, at St. Paul’s Chapel just across the street from the World Trade Center, at the memorial wall where one could leave a note.. I scrawled my own simple reminder to myself.

I have not forgotten.

FDNY Memorial - WTC

I’m not really sure why I chose to post this here… except to say that sometimes we all get caught up and emotional about things like “Blog Network Wars” and “Who’s business model is better than another’s?” or “Why isn’t Karl Rove indicted?”.

The reality is that none of that really matters. And one only has to visit the World Trade Center to understand why.

The Politics of Blogging (or Should Bloggers Be Paid to Blog For Political Candidates?)

I promise not to make my entries here revolve around politics, but when the shoe fits, I say wear it! The story is a’brewin surrounding Markos Zuniga from Daily Kos and compadre Jerome Armstrong from myDD, in which Armstrong was hired as a “consultant” to Jim Jon Corzine gubernatorial campaign in New Jersey. As it turns out, there is a virtual dovetail between Kos’ writing and Armstrongs, one that would appear on the surface to be, as Outside the Beltway’s James Joyner puts it, a” symbiotic relationship”.
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How I Blog: Keith D. Souza

This is the 21st post in our “How I Blog” series. To read the rest, visit the archives. Interested in participating? Drop us a note about ‘How I Blog’ along with a photo or yourself or your blogging space at tips [at] blogmedia [dot] biz.

Keith D. Souza, Blogger.

Well there is another question I should start here, why I started blogging.

Blogging always amazed me and I have always been a regular reader of so many blogs, I was totally amazed by the way people could express themselves without fears, let people on to information and ideas of things ranging from technology to cooking, raising a child to protesting against cruelties, whatever topic can come to mind has one or manys blogs that relate to it.

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Tired of Blog Spammers? Track them down… Peter Forret did…

Since we installed Akismet here on Blog Herald less than a month ago, it has stopped over 4,700 comment & trackback spams from appearing here at The Blog Herald. Like b5media, we’re so happy with Akismet that once their new pricing is released, we’ll be using a commercial version at BlogMedia.

But we wonder.. who are these little bastards that are spamming us each and every day?

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b5media Partners With FOX

Big news today in the blog network world. b5media is launching an experiment of sorts, partnering with the official wing of Fox entertainments fan club, VIP Fan Clubs. Television shows and entertainment blogs are nothing new to b5media as a large portion of their blogs are based on these genres. But this marks the first time that the network has partnered with what is termed “old media” to advance common themes.

The initial launch of FOX blogs are 24 Headquarters, Stewie’s Playground, Searching Bones and Prison Break Buff.

Jeremy Wright, President of b5media, writes about the new releases:

As of today, we are partnering with VIP Fan Clubs to produce co-branded blogs for Fox Media’€™s TV shows. The initial test run is just 4 shows, but we are confident that the initial 4 will let us figure out the best way to cross-promote the blogs from both sides of this deal.

The point is to provide high quality daily content for passionate fans of the shows. Inside information. Exclusive deals. Discounts on merchandise. The whole 9 yards.

As a 24 fan, myself, I might have to take advantage of discounted gear. Yum.

Update: Clarified who the partnership is with. Thanks, Jeremy.

Interview: Prince Campbell AKA Chartreuse

We took a few minutes this weekend to interview Prince Campbell, the editor of Chartreuse (beta), which just celebrated its six month anniversary.

What’s your story? How does a guy like you end up doing this?

Here’€™s the story for those who don’€™t know it. I’€™m doing this because of failure.

My wife finds out I’€™m fucking one of her friends.

Game over.

I’€™m a wreck. I needed a break. I sell my HD-ready TV, buy a laptop and an ameripass.

I ended up in Tampa because my 14 year old daughter lives here.

Started a highly successful but very stressful music promotion business. I have a heart attack and start reevaluating what’€™s important. Trying to collect a lot of keys wasn’€™t important anymore. I love writing and blogging had no barrier to entry.

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How I Blog: S A J Shirzai

This is the 20th post in our “How I Blog” series. To read the rest, visit the archives. Interested in participating? Drop us a note about ‘How I Blog’ along with a photo or yourself or your blogging space at tips [at] blogmedia [dot] biz.

S A J Shirazi, Writer, Columnist, Blogger.

What started as a casual pursuit have become part of my day job and important part of my leisure activities. We are still a less connected country of 165,803,560 people (July 2006 estimated) with only a few bloggers though the users’ base is exponentially growing. What is a blog, most people still ask here.

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Blogging as a Buzzword (or why Politicians Shouldn’t Blog)

Aside from my first entry introducing myself, this is my first real content post and I figure I should come out swinging for the fences. I figure, cause a stir, make some powerful enemies, and then step back and wait for the counter attack. Except in this case, there won’t be a counter-attack because we’re talking about people who view blogging as a buzzword and don’t truly understand it or how to use it. They’ll never Technorati their names or their opponents and they’ll never find themselves in Google’s blog search, because they don’t understand effective blogging.
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