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Web 2.0 News Blogger(s) Wanted

Web 2.0 News Blogger(s) Wanted

Having had a candidate fall through, we’re seeking a few new news bloggers for The Blog Herald, the leading blog news site.

The Blog Herald reaches more than half a million monthly visitors and serves well over a million and a half pages monthly.

We’re looking specifically for someone to cover daily news about what’s happening in the blogosphere, with blog software, with Web 2.0, and related topics.

Prospective bloggers for The Blog Herald should possess a keen sense of wit, an undertanding of trends in Web 2.0 design and communities, and a desire to write for a growing publication.

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In exchange you’ll get a chance to work with a great team, write for a great publication, and have a chance for your own fifteen minutes of fame. Oh, and there’s money.

Interested? Drop us a note at jobs [at] blogmedia [dot] biz with a minimum of three sample posts for The Blog Herald suitable for publication.

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  • There are three things to blog about, hip hop music, girls, and politics.

    But lately the left wing blogs have come undone! Kos is looking quaint with that foam around his mouth. Arriana’s censorship is more German than her lisp.

    Is there any hope left for blogs after this? Nope. So in the immortal words of Jimmy Paycheck “Take That Job and Shove It”!

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