August 25, 2006

Hold The Presses! A MySpace Magazine?

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It seems as if the social network king may consider putting some of its content offline inside a magazine. I think it would be easier to simply set up a corporate weblog, but perhaps this is for people scared of computers those who have decided to live outside of cyberspace.

( “We are in the process of modelling it,” a MySpace executive close to the discussions told Advertising Age. “Our main concern is the MySpace brand. We do not want to do anything that would hurt the brand.”

MySpace will feature prominent profiles and is partnering up with Nylon to produce the magazine. The quality probably will not match the NY Times, although it should be ten times more interesting.


What Happens When MySpace And YouTube Fall In Love?

The answer: You get Paltalk 2.0.

Pal Talk is taking the next step in social networking, by adding an element many sites lack–video chat.

( The first company to combine video and voice communication with an online buddy list, Paltalk continues its leadership in web innovation with its People 2.0 site (, marrying networked user profiles with a unique messenger that also gives users the ability to see and speak both one-to-one or to thousands of people simultaneously.

For those who can afford it, Pal Talk offers several different plans ranging from free and slow to “Ultimate” and savvy. Businesses who go pro can not only get a direct link online, but are also able to place a small 468 x 60 banner ads in their rooms.

This site is probably not for those of you with dial-up, as it Pal Talk was running a little slow for me in DSL.


Even the pandas get it!

The world’€™s starting to wake up and smell the roses, or whatever’€™s growing outside the window. Blogs are the new black, and not only something for geeks ‘€“ no matter what John Evans thinks.

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August 24, 2006

Podcasting Efficiently

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Scott Johnson at FuzzyBlog outlines how he approaches Podcasting efficiently:

1. Always have enough disc space. Podcasts are huge and juggling space is annoying and a huge disincentive to do it….

Scott’s approach is somewhat similar to my own – however since we’re going for more of a professional news/opinion/interviewing broadcast – we do take the time to edit and do a modicum of post production.

Scott’s post is well worth the read if you’re looking to do a basic podcast.

We’ll be outlining more about our approach to podcasting, including a tour of our gear, once our rack arrives and we can clean up the mess in my office…


Microsoft And Facebook Team Up In Ad Deal

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After losing the bid for MySpace to their arch rival Google, Microsoft has teamed up with Facebook in order to display their ads on their site.

(Reuters) – “We believe that the combination of Microsoft and Facebook strengths will be incredibly attractive to advertisers as they forge more meaningful connections with one of the largest, most engaged audiences on the Internet,” Steve Berkowitz, senior vice president of the Online Services Group at Microsoft, said in a statement.

Facebook currently boasts around 8 million members and should provide some nice pocket change for both companies, although no details were revealed on how much Facebook will receive for displaying MS ads.

Update: Forgot to thank Sys Admin It for the heads up on this.


Social Networking Site Based On The Purpose Driven Life?

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Who would have ever guessed that a website would relaunch itself around some of the ideas in Rick Warren’s book? has revamped its site and its goal is to help connect people who want to make a positive impact on the world.

(via OakTreeIdea) Oaktreeidea is not your average online social community. If you want to make a real difference in the world, then our site is for you. We have built the site for the innovators, the out-of-box thinkers, the emerging churches, the creative people and those living life with purpose, passion and meaning.

Brady Stump, the founder of OakTreeIdea, was inspired to relaunch the site after seeing an article in Newsweek about Rick Warren calling on those of faith to make a positive difference in the world.

In order to make the site stand out from other social networks, Stump has included several features such as the ability to search users out based on their “Goals in life” and an Impact Project feature (which allows users to create and share projects ideas).

Although this site doesn’t boast itself as a faith alternative to MySpace, I wouldn’t be surprised if it attracted those of faith from the social networking king.


No Bullshit.. Web 2.0

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Jeremy Wright posts his definition of Web 2.0, which is very closely aligned with my own.

There’s way too much bullshit associated with this whole Web 2.0 thing.. and the scariest part of it is how the old terms about how making money isn’t important keeping coming around… that it’s about eyeballs and traffic.

And that’s just utter bullshit.

It’s about making money.. and about being profitable.. and about doing it because you love doing it....

Otherwise, go home, and take your toys with you.


TechCrunch UK launches – in English

Another localized TechCrunch sites sees the light of day. At TechCrunch UK you’€™ll read about UK startups that might or might not make it to the regular TechCrunch page. Needless to say, TechCrunch UK is in English as is the original TechCrunch, so it’€™ll be interesting to see how they differ in the long run.

More at TechCrunch and the launch post at TechCrunch UK.


Podcast 2006.9: News for August 24th, 2006

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Podcast 2006.9: News for August 24th, 2006

Today, we take our normal look at news throughout the blogosphere and world of technology. We also discuss our new mobile podcasting rig that we used for the first time to produce this edition from San Jose, California.

You can subscribe directly to our podcast feed in order to receive our show each day that it is released. For iTunes users, you can subscribe directly via iTunes.

And now, on with the show. Notes after the jump….

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How to make your blog more useable in 3 steps

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You don’t need a killer design that costs $3,000 to have a decent looking blog. You just need to make sure it’s useable. That means paying attention to a few details, but nothing that requires a professional designer. read more