Johnson County, Indiana tries to control Student & Teacher Blogs

I’m not sure what it’s going to take before government & business entities stop trying to control what their employees and/or students are blogging about – some sort of realization that there’s not any way to control such a thing? And that doing so only makes you look like an idiot?

Take Johnson County, Indiana, for example. The public school system has decided, according to this story in the Indianapolis Star, to try and control posts on sites such as

The new guidelines would apply to student and teacher postings on blogs and social networking sites such as, said Jim White, the Johnson County district’s director of technology. As more students turn to the Internet to vent about their classmates, principals are facing new disciplinary challenges.

I can’t wait to see the first court challenge over this policy.

Last chance to join 9rules this year (will they break the 1000 entries mark?)

Scrivs tells the world that it’€™s time for 9rules submissions round 5 on the official blog. The doors to the 9rules kingdom of glory and fame open up on October 25 12:00 am Eastern Time and closes 24 hours later.

Want to join? Well, you better be good ‘€“ apparently round 4 got over 700 entries which I’€™d call a whopping turnout.

What’s hot and what’s not in HTML

So you’€™re hacking your own blog template or site and want to make it good? There’€™s a whole lot of practices out there that really should be considered obsolete, but aren’€™t. For some reason you still find table-based layouts, which of course is unnecessary in today’€™s CSS loving world.

Emil over at Friendly Bit has written a nice post called Encyclopedia of HTML elements where he comments on what elements he thinks are OK to use and how, and what’€™s not. It’€™s a good read, especially for the not so experienced webdesigner who don’€™t quite grasp what all those web standard advocates are bitching about.

Why we shouldn’t worry about Congress…

I was going to post something the other day about how Attorney General Gonzales wants ISPs to keep their records nearly indefinately in the guise of combatting child pornography.. and how that was yet another signal that Congress & the current administration is simply afraid of the internet.. and then talk about some other shizzle related to that..

But I didn’t.

And I’m glad I didn’t, because Ben Bleikamp did it far better than I could have with this post:

So why am I not worried?

Because soon the next generation of elected officials are going to be people my age, people who grew up with the internet, people who instant message their friends. In the next 10, 20, and 30 years the people that are elected to office are going to be people who ‘€œget’€? the internet, people who understand why net neutrality is important

Amen, brother. Amen.

Bloggers making German newspaper online

Jeff Jarvis has a column in The Guardian that he reposted on his blog about Readers-Edition. It’€™s a reader contributed German newspaper online, moderated by an editor and closely linked to its father, online only Netzeitung. Apparently it does it job superbly, showing the traditional journos over at Netzeitung a thing or two about bloggers and their workflow.

Yes, it’€™s alike to Korean OhmyNews, which ‘€“ unlike Readers-Edition ‘€“ also is available in English.

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WordPress/bbPress integration just got easier (is it coming soon?)

The good folks over at bbPress (you know, the forum software made by the people that brought you WordPress) just posted about easier integration with WordPress. It looks easy enough, but I’€™m still waiting for the software to leave alpha.

I’€™d say this might be coming soon. In another post that went online in May, the first one this year, Matt wrote about bbPress working so well and adding ‘€œa good coat of paint before we consider taking it [bbPress] out of alpha’€?.

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Boing Boing gets a Podcast

Monster blog Boing Boing has launched a podcast:

This week’s guest was the incomparable Mr Jalopy of the Hoopty Rides blog. Mr Jalopy is an incredible craphound and gearhead, a talented yard-saler, maker, and hot-rodder. In this ‘cast, Mr Jalopy discusses his new book, his philosophy of yard sales, and the relative value of Yu-Gi-Oh cards versus Hot Cheetos.

Their intent is to have a weekly podcast covering the best of Boing Boing’s content each week.. should be a good listen..

The podcast, of course, is called Boing Boing Boing