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Matt’s on Vacation

Matt’s on Vacation

I didn’t announce that I’m on vacation this week, and I guess that’s fine, because we have great writers like Tony and Jessica who crank out pieces like Tony’s interview with TechCrush and Jessica’s weekly column.

I’m on a seven day European adventure with some friends that started on Friday in Minneapolis at the airport and continues tonight in London where it’s nearly midnight.

This is my first trip to Europe and am enjoying myself immensely. As a history buff, I marveled yesterday at the beginnings of democracy in the House of Commons and gaped at the beauty of Westminster Abbey. Tomorrow will bring some meetings related to work that y’all will hear about at some point.. later in the week comes the Eurostar over to Paris and some fine dining.. My French is fourteen years rusty, so it’s going to be a fun challenges communicating over across the channel.

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Enjoy – and don’t expect much out of me until my return….

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